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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 8

Till The Very End (episode 8)
⭐Getting Hotter!!⭐
Losing someone you love is a different kind of pain and it hurts the most. That sad moment when the reality of never seeing that special person again begins to slowly dawn on you. Those uncontrollable tears that gently falls from your teary eyes. The sleepless night you suddenly get by staying up all night and asking God questions such as “Why me?”. The unconsolable grieving that overtakes your emotions and renders your will to live ‘useless’. This sort of pain and more is what Diana went through for the past one year she was meant to believe that her husband ‘Harry’ was dead. Imagine all she went through just believing that her faith might fall short someday and she would have no other option than to succumb to the verdict of the military officials who claimed Harry died in the terrorist massacre that happened a year ago.
For a second, just pause
and imagine the thoughts that went through Diana’s mind as she saw her supposed dead husband gisting with one of the villagers. The shock she felt at the moment and the numerous unanswered questions that ran through her mind. Questions such as; Did Harry fake his death just to elope to a far away land to start life all over again? Did he abandon me and his daughter just to come here and live his best life as a single man? What if all my thoughts are wrong and he was actually captured as Dan had said earlier? etc. There were a lot of explanations to do but above all, she was relieved at last.
If only Diana had even the slightest clue that Harry had no idea of his identity; talk more of knowing her and his daughter ‘Ayla’, then she would have probably gotten some answers to the numerous questions on her mind. There was fire on the mountain but apparently, no one was running yet.
When Diana revealed to the soldiers that she had seen her husband, they first tried to calm her down because it was clear that she was shocked beyond words could say. They picked up Diana’s lamp that fell on the ground and redraw back a little from where they stood. “I saw him, I saw him, I can’t believe my eyes; that’s my husband. What exactly could be the explanation for Harry being here? I am happy and sad at the same time” she soberly revealed. Everyone tried to console her but she was still up in her feelings.
“Diana, this isn’t the right time to begin to feel emotional about this situation. You survived a whole year without your husband, thinking he was dead until now that he is just a little distance away from you. We better remain focused otherwise we might leave here without him. We still have no idea of how these villagers will react when they set their eyes on us. That should be our major worry now and not this” one of the soldiers said. Those words helped to redirect Diana’s focus. Instead of being sad because she found her husband living happily in a far away land after being reported as ‘Dead’, she became appreciative and grateful for seeing her beloved husband again. After talking for a little while, they all returned back to the
age-wife/”>village to lay siege till evening.
For the little while they observed the villagers, they were able to identify Harry’s hut. When night came and the villagers slept, the soldiers instructed every other person to say back while they quietly entered the village premises. Everyone was fast asleep so they couldn’t see what the soldiers were doing. Being trained rescue professionals, they were able to enter Harry’s hut and drug him by placing a drug infused piece of cloth on his nose. In few seconds, Harry passed out and laid unconsciously on the floor. They jacked him up and quietly left the village premises. It was such a relief that no one saw them but it wasn’t time to rejoice yet because that glory was short-lived.
Immediately Diana set her eyes on her unconscious husband, tears of joy began to fall off her eyes. She didn’t know how to act at that moment, hence the reason she let her emotions take over her actions. One look at Harry’s face and she knew without a single doubt that he was her husband. Without wasting time, the soliders notified them that it was time to leave before they villagers finds out what had happened. One of the soliders carried Harry on his shoulder as they quietly made their way out of there.
All through that night till dawn, Diana and the rescue team tried to go far away from the village as much as they could. By dawn, they had successfully reached the riverbank but decided to rest for a little while before boarding the boats to the other part of the forest that led to where they came from. Some blankets were laid on the floor and they laid down to rest.
While they rested, the villagers were on the look out for Harry. A maiden who went to his room early that morning realised he was nowhere to be found. She searched for him all over the village but couldn’t see him, that was when she alerted the villagers. Immediately it was confirmed by the village hunters that Harry was missing, their best hunters were sent to search for him and bring him back when found. Due to the hunters knowledge of the forest, they were able to trace the route of the intruders easily. They followed the route and ran as fast as their legs could carry them.
Just as the hunters approached the riverbank, Diana had a strange dream and in that dream, everyone including the soldiers were lying dead on the floor, while Harry was taken back to the village by strong looking men. Immediately Harry was out of sight, she woke up and jumped out from the ground where she laid close to her husband. Nervous and scared that the villagers could be after them, she hurriedly woke everyone up. “Let’s go now!! They are after us and will soon be here. The aftermath of their visit would be terrible so we have to leave now we still have time” she nervously said.
Due to the manner at which Diana spoke, it was clear that she had sensed something bad happening to them. The soldiers knew very well about human instincts and how it was almost never wrong. Without hesitating, they packed up their blankets and hurried down to the river bank where the speed boats they came with was parked. As they were about entering the boat, an arrow came from nowhere and pierced right through one of the soldier’s right arm. Immediately they saw the arrow wound on their friend’s body, fear gripped them because they knew the villagers had seen them and were very close. Knowing that they were out numbered and didn’t stand a chance in a fight against the brutal looking hunters, the best option was to hurry out of there as fast as their legs could carry them.
The wounded soldier was laid backwards in one section of the boat, while the tourist guide powered the boat and they got to a fairly far distance before they sighted the village hunters at the riverbank they had just left.
One look into the boat and the hunters could see Harry asleep. Despite the fact that the boat was a few distance away, the hunters still didn’t give up. They ran along the riverbank and continued firing their arrows towards the speeding boat. The hunters began to fire the arrows towards the boat but thankfully, it didn’t hit anyone just yet.
Just when the boat was about to go out of sight completely, an arrow pierced right through Diana’s stomach. She instantly became unconscious and blood began to gush out from her stomach. Everyone was super scared to know that Diana had been shot. Luckily for them, they were able to completely
go out of sight but the big issue now was that two people were badly injured and in need of medical attention, else they might not make it; especially Diana. They still had almost a day journey before arriving at their destination. Time wasn’t by their side any more because Diana was slowing dying.
As the tourist drove the boat as fast as his technical abilities could carry, everyone became greatly worried for Diana. Without much to do at that moment to help, Dan began to give his words of encouragement by telling her that everything was going to be alright soon.
To be honest, Diana was losing her strength over the power of death that came knocking on her door. “We need to take her to the hospital fast, she might not make it in the next few hours to come. We have to do something now or we might lose her. Isn’t there anyone here with medical experience? Please search your hearts” Dan soberly said.
As at that moment, Harry was very much asleep. He was still fast asleep as a result of the drugged piece of cloth that was pressed on his nose at the time he was kidnapped by the soldiers. No one saw the need to wake Harry up in order to perform any medical magic to save his dying wife. They still didn’t know for sure if he was mentally alright.
Just as everyone looked sad as they watched Diana slowly give up the ghost, Dan soberly asked one last time “Please is there anyone here with any medical experience at all so we can save her? Please say something”. There was silence as usual because none of them had any medical experience.
Just when they were about to give up hope on saving the dying beautiful lady, an unexpected voice from nowhere said “I will treat her. Stop the boat let’s get some herbal medicinal leaves”.
Everyone turned towards where the voice came from to see who said that and Lo and Behold, it was no other person than our very own ‘Doctor Harry’.
End of episode 8 😉

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