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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 7

Till The Very End (episode 7)
⭐Getting Intense!!⭐
Have you ever heard something that felt too good to be true and you ended up crying afterwards because your heart couldn’t bear the weight of the good news? Do you know how it feels to be away from someone so dear to your heart for even an hour; talk more of a year. The loneliness, sleepless nights, pain and fear that takes over your whole life. Just pause for a second and imagine how Diana felt when she was informed that her alleged dead husband who had been away for a year, was still alive. At that moment, words would fail me to fully describe how she was feeling. It felt as though everything was going to be OK at last. Despite not confirming Dan’s revelation, she rejoiced within because she knew a long time ago that her husband was still alive. Dan only confirmed what she had believed all these while.
The atmosphere
was filled with mixed reactions by both parties. Diana couldn’t stop the tears that flowed freely from her eyes. It still felt so unreal to her but she knew deep in her guts that Dan was saying the truth. She didn’t doubt him for once, neither did she try to stress the issue. The only thing she could find herself doing was to first ‘thank’ him.
“Thank you so much, thank you so much. I can’t bring myself to believe that this is actually happening, so my husband is alive as I have always claimed. I know God would never fail me nor put me to shame. I know a lot of people would call you a lunatic if you said this to them but I believe you a hundred percent. Please where’s my husband? You have to take me to him now” Diana soberly said. When she was done talking, Dan began to narrate everything that happened during their tourist visit. He told her in details everything his eyes saw and witnessed in the age-wife/”>village where Harry was found.
The more Harry spoke with confidence, the more Diana believed every word that came out from his mouth. She was more than convinced that he was saying nothing but the truth because every tale had an undeniable connection with each other. When he was done talking, Diana immediately stood up from where she sat and hurriedly walked to where Dan stood. “We are going there now!” she bluntly said but Dan felt it wasn’t a good idea because he hadn’t forgotten how the villagers treated them when they visited their land. “Diana, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to go alone because those villagers are very dangerous. They locked us up for days just because they don’t like strangers visiting their land. Trust me, it could have been worst if the tourist guide didn’t know how to speak their language. They might do something bad to hurt us if we go alone without a security back up, hence the reason I suggest you should involve the military to come to our aid and help out in this rescue mission” he said.
Immediately Dan mentioned the ‘Military’, Diana chuckled because she knew it was going to be a dead end. “Do you know how many times I have been perceived as an insane lady by this same military
personnel you request that we seek for their help? Those people mocked and called me crazy, simply because I refused their verdict that my husband was dead. How do you expect me to go back and inform those same set of people that my supposed dead husband is alive and was found in a far away village? I don’t think I can involve them at this point to avoid anyone from calling me crazy” she said.
As both parties conversed on the matter, Dan was somehow able to convince Diana to involve the military if she truly wanted the mission to be a successful one. While the conversation was about coming to an end, Dan remembered one vital detail which he hadn’t revealed to Diana yet. Immediately he remembered that detail which was left out during the heated conversation, he instantly voiced out. “Before I forget, there’s something I believe you should know” he said, “what’s it?” She curiously inquired and he paused for few seconds, then said; “Your husband acted quite strange when I recognized him and called out his name. He behaved as though he had never seem me before and genuinely looked clueless and confused. It bothered me a lot that he did that but we waived it off with the thought that he might have been threatened by the villagers to denouce his identity. It was quite strange but I feel that’s nothing to worry about for now. Just contact the military and schedule a meeting with them. Inform me on the date and time and I’ll be there” he said.
At that moment, Diana was overwhelmed at the support she was receiving from her colleague. It gave her the strength she never had in a long while. Finally, she was talking to someone that didn’t think of her as a psycho or insane woman. For the first time, she could feel her husband close to her heart and not far away. She could sense his presence already and couldn’t wait to see her beloved husband again.
Without wasting a single second, Diana called a good friend of her husband in the military to schedule an urgent meeting with him. She didn’t want to tell him what was happening over the phone, so as not to be perceived as an insane lady. Fortunately, the meeting was scheduled later that day and she sighed in relief.
After work hours that day, Diana left the office immediately. She asked her mother inlaw to pick up Alya from daycare, while she attended to some important issues. She drove all the way to the nearest military camp not far from her office to meet up with a senior military officer, who was a good friend to her husband.
When Diana arrived at the camp, she walked as fast as her legs could carry her to Mr Rex’s office. Immediately the gentleman saw her, he quickly remembered his alleged dead friend who was ‘Harry’. He shook his head while still maintaining a warm smile. “You sounded so urgent on the phone, I hope no problem?” Mr Rex curiously inquired, “I wish it was just a problem because it’s more than that. Just promise me you would believe what I am about to tell you this moment; even if you don’t believe me, please pay deaf ears and still help me” she soberly said.
By the tone of Diana’s voice, Mr Rex was convinced that something was truly going on. He assured her that he would do as she had said and the conversation began. She narrated to him everything Dan revealed to her earlier that day. As she spoke with so much enthusiasm, Mr Rex couldn’t help but see sense in what she was saying. It felt unreal but he still decided to give it a thought just because he made a promised to her before the conversation started. Also, her story seemed realistic.
Without hesitating, Mr Rex began to make some phone calls to pull some strings so that few military personnel can excort them to the village for the rescue mission. Fortunately, he was able to put togther five (5) hefty soliders to lead the rescue mission. Despite partially believing that everything could all be a false story, Mr Rex still decided to carry on with the mission as a way of showing his loyalty to his dear friend and his wife. A date was finally set for the rescue mission and everyone kept their fingers crossed.
Those moments of waiting was emotionally draining for Diana. Suddenly, time became slow and each passing hour made her extremely nervous. Dan contacted the tourist guide and told him about the latest development. Diana offered to pay the tourist guide for the job he was about to do but the man turned
the money down and told her it was his own way of helping humanity. All fingers were crossed as they awaited the D-day.
How Diana prayed like she had never done before. She cried every night and asked God for a successful rescue. Not for even one second did she ever doubt the authenticity of Dan’s story, nor the fact that her husband was still alive. She carefully prevented her mind from dwelling on those negative thoughts so that nothing would kill her faith. The covenant Harry and herself had with God concerning living till old age was the only source and sustainer of her strength and faith.
Finally, the day for the rescue mission came and everyone set out to the far away village. With power bikes, they were able to get to the river area in a matter of a day. They used the tourist center speed boats to go through the river and arrived close to the village in a space of two (2) days. A small resting camp was erected for everyone to sleep for the night. The soliders kept watch one after the other till dawn.
The next day, they walked a few hours before arriving at the village. Everyone hid behind the trees to observe and monitor the villagers before striking. They watched children play, women laugh and elders talk.
Just as everyone observed attentively, Diana’s eyes slightly wandered away to another part of the village. As she looked attentively, her heart dropped for no reason and a voice from within told her to look deeper at the young man talking to someone while facing backwards. As she kept her eyes on that person for few minutes, her whole body suddenly became cold and numb. Her heart raced nonstop and before she could figure out what was happening to her, the gentleman turned his face.
Immediately Diana set her eyes on the mysterious man’s face, her rechargeable lamp fell on the floor. Everyone looked towards her direction and found her eyes wide opened. “That’s Him!” She shockingly whispered.
End of episode 7 😉

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