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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 6

Till The Very End (episode 6)
⭐Getting Intense!!⭐
Those that put their trust in the Lord, shall be like a mountain that cannot be shaken. No matter how bad a situation may be, be rest assured that God knows about it and has gone before you to pave the way. Who would have thought that one of the captured tourists was Diana’s colleague from work who fortunately knew Harry? The fact that God ordered their steps to locate the isolated age-wife/”>village was indeed a miracle. This goes far to show you that distance isn’t a barrier when God hears your prayers and decides to show up. It’s safe to say that Diana’s prayers have been heard and a solution was close. Glory be to God!
Immediately Diana’s colleague by name ‘Dan’ recognised Harry, he couldn’t help but voice out his name in shock to be sure he hadn’t seen a ghost. Dan was very much aware that Harry allegedly died in the terrorist
massacre that occurred over a year ago. It’s been quite a long time since Harry was reported dead so it was normal for Dan to believe he had seen a ghost or his lookalike.
At that moment, Harry was confused as to why a stranger he barely knew referred to him as ‘Harry’. The fact that he was referred to as a doctor, made matters worst. He stood there looking confused and clueless on what was going on. Harry’s sudden change of countenance and body language gave Dan the impression that his guesses were right. Immediately he confirmed his doubts about Harry’s identity, more questions arouse.
“Doctor, where have you been? What is going on here? How could you leave your wife and kid to stay in this far away land in pretense that you are dead. Please I need an explanation because this is too much for me to process” Dan shockingly said but Harry couldn’t understand a single word that came out of his mouth. The only thing his mind could grab from the whole speech was the name ‘Harry’. He looked clueless and that gave off the impression that he couldn’t understand a word that was said to him.
It didn’t take few minutes for Dan to figure out that Harry couldn’t understand what he was saying. He sensed a language barrier in communication and had to plead with the tourist guide to help translate everything he had said to Harry. Without wasting any time, the tourist guide did the translation and Harry was now more confused than ever. He looked at Dan briefly and walked away.
As Harry walked away, Dan began to tell the other tourists that were there with him what was happening. He gave them a detailed explanation of how his colleague ‘Diana’ allegedly lost her husband who was a military doctor in a terrorist massacre. He informed them that he could swear with his life that the person who just walked away was ‘Doctor Harry’ who has been missing for over a year. Everyone that was present in that prison listened with their mouths wide open as they shook their heads in disbelief of the narration Dan was giving to them. They assured Dan that if the man was truly whom he was perceived to be, they would definitely see to it that he gets reunited with his family again.
As they
got deeper into the conversation about Harry, one of the tourist who was also listening asked a simple but critical question. “If this man is who you truly say he is, then why didn’t he acknowledge his own name and identity? Why did he look clueless after everything you said was interpreted to him? All this just doesn’t add up” the observer said. Dan thought about it for a while and came up with the conclusion that Harry could have been captured by the villagers and forced to denounce his former existence as a way to spare his life. There were just too many assumptions of what could have happened to Harry, but none made much sense to them.
While the tourist remained in confusion, Harry went back to his hut and fell into deep thoughts. He kept thinking why the stranger in the prison called him ‘Harry’. The fact that it was now brought to his knowledge that he had a wife and daughter made matters even worst. As he sat in his hut, more realistic thoughts began to pop up in her mind. He laid back in the bed and began to wonder why he had no idea of his existence up until the very day the hunters found him bruised and wounded. It made no sense to him that he didn’t know who he was nor where he came from. It was clear to Harry that he was a stranger in that village; hence the reason he didn’t have other family members or relatives like the others in the village.
Things weren’t adding up and due to this, Harry began to have the feeling that something was seriously wrong with him. After that incident with the prisoner, he was bent on getting the answers he sought for about his true existence.
After a day with lots of strange happenings, Harry paid the age-wife/”>village chief a visit in the evening. “Greetings, I have come to talk to you about something very strange. Earlier today, I went to give food to the prisoners in our custody and one of them called me ‘Doctor Harry’. Immediately I was called that name, there was this way I felt that I haven’t felt before. It was as though I came to terms with my true self for the very first time ever. I believe that man knows something about me that I don’t know about myself and it bothers me a lot. Another strange disturbing thing is that he revealed that I have a wife and kid. How come someone knows that about me and I don’t know about it? This is quite strange and has stolen my peace” he said.
When Harry was done narrating his ordeal with the prisoner, the age-wife/”>village chief was quiet for a while as he thought in depth about what was said to him. At that moment, the village chief remembered the strange outfit Harry was found in the very day he was rescued by the haunters. He realised that it was best to let the prisoners go so they don’t cause more problems to his villagers. He looked at Harry and assured him that the tourists were manipulative and not to be trusted.
Without hesitating, the village priest ordered for the release of the tourist and instructed them to leave with immediate effect. Before the tourist left, they tried to talk to Harry but the village priest made sure they didn’t have any access to him. It was heartbreaking indeed for them to leave without investigating further on the issue. They had to leave to avoid having more problems with the villagers. However, Dan knew that they would be back.
As the tourists journeyed back to their far away camp, Dan couldn’t wait to arrive back to the city so as to narrate what his eyes saw to Diana. Due to that sense of urgency, he couldn’t stay long at the tourist camp but requested to go back home. The tourist guide told Dan to contact him when they are ready to return back to the village so he could direct them back to the place. Dan thanked the tourist guide for being compassionate and willing to help. The battle line has been drawn but it’s apparent the villagers had no idea of what was coming.
Few days later, Dan returned back to the city and immediately called to inform Diana that he had something urgent to tell her. Diana felt it was work related and didn’t attach too much meaning or importance to Dan’s distress phone call. It was on a Saturday, so she had to wait till Monday to hear what he had to say.
Those two days before Monday were one of the toughest days of Dan’s life. As he waited for
Monday, he prayed and asked God to help lead the way and touch Diana’s heart not to see him as a lunatic when he reveals to her what his eyes had seen while on the tourist visit.
Finally, it was Monday and Dan arrived the museum prepared to convince his colleague that her husband was still alive. When Diana arrived at the office, she settled in and suddenly, there was knock on the door. “Come in” she instructed and the door opened, only for her to see her colleague. “Mr Dan, I’m so sorry for not coming to your office immediately I settled in. I just wanted to put some few things in order before coming to meet you” she politely said. Dan told her not to bother and got straight to the point. “Diana, I have something to tell you. This might sound unreal but I want to assure you that I was scared myself when I found out” he said.
Immediately Dan said those words, goosebumps covered Diana’s body as though her instinct told her that something was up. “You are getting me scared, I hope there’s no problem” she said but Dan couldn’t answer that question. He looked at her swollen eyes that showed she had been crying for a very long time. Unable to find the perfect words to put what he was about to say, he took a deep breath and dropped a shocker; “Your husband is alive, we found him in a far away village while on a tourist tour for the museum. I wasn’t the only one that saw him, other tourists saw him too. Diana, you have to believe me”.
At that moment, the whole world stopped, the waterfalls ceased and the storms calmed. There was pin-drop silence all over Diana’s office. Tears dropped from her eyes as she smiled faintly. The feeling was surreal because it felt both like a lie and the truth.
Diana looked at Dan and smiled with tears falling from her eyes. Words failed her at that moment and all she could find herself saying to Dan in return was “Thank You”.
End of episode 6 😉

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