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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 5

Till The Very End (episode 5)
⭐Block Buster Story!!⭐
Do you believe in soul mate? Do you believe that there’s someone whose hearts is tied to yours and can’t be untied no matter what?. It’s quite sad that most people never get to meet their soul mates throughout their life time and this deprives them of the opportunity to experience love for what it truly is. Love hits differently when you are with your soulmate because that person was destined to love, protect and care for you. It’s safe to say that Diana and Harry were soul mates and two hearts that beats as one. They were a match made in heaven that can’t be separated no matter the circumstances that surrounded their relationship.
What’s the worst that can happen than what was currently happening to them? Diana was made to believe that her husband was dead, while Harry had totally forgotten about his existence on earth before the incident with the terrorist.
He was suffering from amnesia and couldn’t remember that he had a beautiful wife and daughter far away from the isolated age-wife/”>village he now lived in. These two lovebirds were separated from each other and things were gradually falling apart in their individual lives due to that. What a sad fate!
That strange dream Harry had, got him thinking who ‘Diana’ was. The fact that he mentioned her name in that dream without knowing her from anywhere, was strange to him. The only contact Harry had with the strange lady from his dream was the little help she rendered to him and that was all. She never revealed her name to him nor had any conversation with him. That dream opened up a new phase in his thoughts.
“There’s no one in this age-wife/”>village with the name Diana, so how come I called that name with ease; as though I know her from somewhere. Could it be that my mind is playing games with me because of the thoughts I have been having lately? I believe it was just a slip of tongue and nothing serious” Harry said as he sat on his bed. It was still early in the morning so he laid back on the bed to catch some sleep before dawn.
Coincidentally, Diana had a dream that night too after crying herself to sleep. In that dream, she was crying in a slightly busy park. Ayla was seated in a small three wheeled bicycle. As she sobbed bitterly, someone tapped her shoulder from behind and handed her a handkerchief. “Take this and wipe your tears away because everything will be alright” the voice said. That voice sounded very familiar and before Diana could turn to see who it was, there was no one there. The person was gone!
As Diana sat there looking confused and shocked, she began to wonder why that voice sounded a hundred percent like that of her husband ‘Harry’. She immediately woke up from that dream and began to cry all over again. Unlike Harry’s dream, Diana didn’t get to see the person that gave her the handkerchief else she would have recognised him instantly. Unable to attach much meaning to the dream, she cried herself back to sleep.
As months went by without any hope of the lovebirds ever coming back together, the villagers began to arrange a lady for Harry to
get married to. Since he couldn’t remember anything or anyone from his past, they felt it was best he starts another family in the age-wife/”>village so that his legacy won’t be cut off from the world. Without much willpower to resent, Harry agreed to get arrived and a search for the perfect wife began immediately.
The village had many beautiful ladies with skin like gold. They ladies had beaming eyes with jaw-dropping curves. Harry had lots of amazing options to choose from but it still felt as though something was missing in all of them but he couldn’t tell what it was. The ladies were very beautiful but Harry still wasn’t satisfied nor happy. However, the wedding had to hold because there was no actual reason why it shouldn’t.
After an intensive search and difficult decision making, a wife was finally chosen for Harry and the wedding date was officially set. As the day to the wedding drew nearer, Diana could feel it in her guts that something was being taken away from her. The way she began to feel was now more than how she felt when the news of Harry’s alleged death was broken to her. The reason why this felt more real was because her husband was truly getting married. Despite not being sure of why she felt emptier and scared, she associated the feelings with her husband’s alleged death.
Unknown to the grieving lady, her husband was still alive and about to be married off to another woman in a far away land. If only she even knew that her husband was alive, I believe that would have even gone a long way to let her know that she wasn’t insane. The fact that Diana still believed that her husband was still alive, slowed down her healing process to ever get over the alleged dead man. It wasn’t easy for her to heal if she was still holding onto the past everyone was trying so hard to forget. Life wasn’t easy and the more they stay apart from each other, the more they grew apart.
On Diana’s part, she was still all over the thoughts of her husband and wasn’t ready to let go. She was ready to remain a widow till death came than to give herself to another man. I believe that her strong determination to remain faithful to Harry was because she never accepted him to be dead. The fact that she still held onto her belief, made it almost impossible for her to think of another man.
As the days drew nearer to Harry’s arranged wedding ceremony, Diana’s heart shattered the more. She suddenly grew cold and distance herself from everyone. She cried most nights and didn’t want anyone to console her.
“God why me? Why is all this happening to me? Just take my life because it makes no sense to me anymore. How can you give me something and take it away when I needed it most? Of what use is my life without the man I love? I am tired and can’t continue any longer. Please end this pain because I can’t take it any longer. If Harry is alive, then bring him back to me. I beg you lord” she cried out. Life slowly began to lose it’s essence but things were about to get even more complicated.
Finally, the wedding day came and the groom and bride were dressed to kill by the villagers. Harry looked very handsome and so with his bride. Everyone gathered at the village square to witness the joining together of the couple. There was dancing and a lots to eat. Everyone came to have the time of their lives and their host didn’t disappoint to make the day a memorable one indeed. The day looked promising but the unexpected was about to happen.
It turns out that some tourists who came to explore the area located the village. They came in their numbers and caused a lot of commotion because the villagers weren’t used to having visitors. Due to the sudden visit, the elders declared the tourists as a security threat and they were seized by the village hunters.
Due to the sudden commotion, everyone ran to safety and this disrupted Harry’s wedding ceremony. Harry joined the village hunters in capturing the tourists. “Who are you and why are you here?” the village chief asked with a sense of urgency. “We mean no harm to your village. We only came to see your beautiful people and culture” the tourist guide explained.
At that moment, Harry was putting on a costume that made him almost unrecognisable. There were artificial tattoos on his body as a requirement of someone who was about to get married. His appearance that day was different from that of
a regular day.
However, it turns out that one of the tourist worked at the same museum Diana worked in. The man didn’t have a very close relationship with Diana nor her husband but would definitely identify Harry once he recognises him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t recognise Harry due to his costume and temporary tattoos.
As the villagers interrogated the tourists, they became scared for their lives and regretted ever visiting that area. However, after much plea by the tourists, their life were spared but they were locked up in the village prison.
Since the wedding ceremony was disrupted, it was scheduled for another day and time. I believe this was a miracle from God to stop Harry from marrying another woman when the wife he loved was still very much alive. It was a relief indeed but wasn’t enough to make a big difference if he doesn’t regain his memory sooner.
While the tourists remained in the custody of the villagers, different people were assigned daily to bring food to them. Everyone took turns to fulfill their obligations till it eventually got to Harry’s turn one fateful day. That day, he wasn’t in any costume or tattoos. He looked his normal self as he took food to the prisoners.
The man who knew Harry sat at the very end of the prison but jacked up immediately he heard a very familiar voice. One thing that distinguished Harry from the rest of the villagers was his accent. Despite not knowing how to speak his old language due to his memory loss, he spoke the village native language in a more clearer accent. “It’s time to eat” he said in the native language but the tourist understood what he was saying.
As everyone walked towards Harry to grab their food, Diana’s colleague instantly recognized him and dropped his food on the ground. He looked as though he had seen a ghost and shockingly screamed “Doctor Harry, is this you?”
End of episode 5 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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