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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 4

Till The Very End (episode 4)
⭐New Year Banger!!⭐
Most times, we try to escape from reality by being in denial of our problems. We believe that our refusal to accept our fate will save us the pains, disappointments and fears associated with that problem. In Diana’s case, her refusal to accept that her husband was dead had resulted to a bottled up emotions which eventually led to losing her sanity. Which young woman would want to accept the sad news that she was now a widow? I mean, no one would even wish such sad fate upon their enemy. How was Diana going to cope with living without her husband whom she loved with every bit of her heart. To be honest, she deserved to be cut some slacks because it wasn’t easy to wear her shoes. The fact that she was now exhibiting signs of a mentally unstable person, was another issue no one saw coming. It’s safe to say that
a great tragedy had befell that family.
Immediately Harry’s mum saw her daughter inlaw behaving like a mad woman, she fell on the ground and began to scream. The elderly woman was still mourning her alleged dead son and then this happens. Everyone was in disarray as they tried to figure out what to do to handle the situation staring them right in the face.
“Diana! Diana! Can you hear me? Are you alright my daughter?” Harry’s dad curiously inquired. While the elderly man spoke, Diana continued to laugh uncontrollably. She kept laughing even though nothing was funny. This attitude of hers was enough reason to confirm everyone’s doubts that something was truly wrong with her. After laughing for a while, she looked at her father inlaw and smiled. “Daddy, come and enter my aeroplane so we can go and see my husband. This aeroplane is small but we can manage. Come and enter, come nah!” She said while still laughing.
Without wasting any more time, Harry’s sister who was there with them, brought out her phone and called the military hospital which her alleged late brother worked in. She informed them about Diana’s mental health issues and in no time, an ambulance was there to pick the mentally unstable lady up. Ayla was in Harry’s mum custody. They were able to pack up some baby clothes before leaving Harry’s residence.
That day was a very sad one for that family because it was apparent that Alya was about to be turned into an orphan. Diana didn’t look as though she wanted to live another second without her husband. She was willing to die and was ready to commit suicide if death didn’t come knocking. Thankfully, she was under close supervision at the military hospital and they made sure there weren’t any sharp objects lying around. Life felt heavy for the grieved lady and slowly began to lose its essence.
As days went by, Diana gradually began to get better due to the intense treatment she was receiving at the hospital. It’s a relief that things didn’t get too bad before she was rushed to the hospital for mental treatment. In no time, Diana was well and ready to be discharged. However, before she was fully discharged from the hospital, she saw a psychiatrist and therapist to help her healing process. Their counseling helped rid the sucide thoughts she
had initially having. They made her see life in another dimension and gave her a good reason to live; which was her daughter. Despite everything that was done to help the sober woman, she still felt empty, in pains and traumatized.
It took a while before Diana returned back to her normal life. Harry’s funeral was on hold because Diana refused the verdict that her husband was dead. She refused to sign any document so the military could commence with the official burial. Harry’s family tried to persuade her to let-go so they could lay their son to rest in peace, but she still stood her ground that her husband wasn’t dead.
Unable to persuade Diana to cooperate with the military, Harry’s parents held a little burial ceremony for their alleged dead son. Diana didn’t show up for the burial because she believed her husband wasn’t dead. However, beneath all that courage was a lady that was extremely afraid. A huge part of her believed that Harry might truly be dead but she never allowed that thought to consume her. It was very tough for her to wake up each morning with the will to live but thankfully, Ayla kept her going.
Two months had passed since the news of Harry’s death. Life never remained the same for his parents and wife. Everyone hardly smiled due to the heaviness of their hearts. Happiness was far gone from the life of Harry’s mum and dad. They cried almost every day but made sure to be strong for his wife and daughter. Life never remained the same again!.
On the other hand, it seemed as though Harry was beginning to feel the impact of what was going on. Every night, he would feel drawn to a certain force that wasn’t present in that village. Despite having no clue on why he felt that way, he knew that something just didn’t seem right. He loved his newly found home but deep down, he knew in all ramifications that there was another home somewhere his heart belonged to. All these uncertain thoughts began to affect his happiness and peace.
It got to the extent that the village elders began to notice Harry’s absent mindedness and had to confront him. “My son, what bothers you? Is there anything you want to talk to us about?” An elder asked him. After being mute for a while, Harry replied. “I wish I could say for sure what the problem is because I have no idea myself. It’s just that I have been feeling a certain type of way for a while now. It seems as though there’s something bigger going on somewhere that I am not aware of. My heart and spirit is always absent and I have gotten to realize that it belongs to someone or something that’s not in this village. I don’t know why I feel so incomplete despite having no reason to feel such way. I am gradually losing my mind but don’t know why exactly”.
When Harry was done talking, the elders were mute for a while and shook their head. “Do you remember anything about your past life?” An elder asked and he nodded ‘No’. There was another round of silence before a possible solution to Harry’s problem was given. “Whenever a person feels as though they belong somewhere, it’s probably because they truly belong somewhere. According to what the haunters who brought you here narrated, it was revealed that you were found bruised on the head and lying lifeless in the bush. It’s strange how you don’t remember a single thing from that night that put you in such a lifeless position and at this point, I’m convinced that you lost your memory as a result of the bruise on your head. Take it gently but always ask your maker to reveal unclear things to you. It could be that you have a family somewhere that you can’t remember. The marriage band (ring) on your finger could be a sign that you are not alone in this world and that someone somewhere misses you. Don’t pressure yourself because whatever will be, would be eventually. It is well my son” the elder said.
That little conversation shaded more light on what Harry had been going through. Despite not remembering a thing nor even a name of someone or something from his past, he was convinced that something bigger than he could imagine was going on. He retired to bed and as he slept that night, something happened.
It turns out that Harry had a strange dream that night. In that dream, he was at a busy train station waiting for the train to arrive so he could board. After few minutes of waiting, the train finally arrived and everyone rushed
towards it to secure a seat from the limited ones available.
As Harry hurried towards the train to secure a seat, he was pushed by the crowd of people rushing towards the train too. When he fell, he slowly watched as the train filled up and just as he was about to stand back on his feet, someone lent him a helping hand. As at that time, he had no idea who it was that helped him up but he knew for sure that it was a lady.
Immediately Harry stood to his feet and wanted to thank his helper, the unknown person left his hand and hurried towards the train that had already filled up. Fortunately, she was able to secure the last standing space and the train door closed.
As the train slowly moved away leaving Harry standing outside it, his eyes locked with that of the lady that had helped him. Immediately their eyes made contacts, his heart dropped and he subconsciously called out the name “Diana”.
End of episode 4 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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