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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 3

Till The Very End (episode 3)
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Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. When you walk in faith, you don’t need to see the light at the end of the tunnel before embarking on a journey. With faith, you don’t need to have all the answers before believing that a solution is on the way for you. With faith, you don’t need to see through the clouds to believe that there’s a beautiful habitat waiting for you. If you have faith as small as even a mustard seed, you will be unstoppable because nothing can stop you from visualizing what you desire. With faith, all things are possible!
The news of Harry’s alleged death came as a nightmare to his beloveth wife Diana, but despite being in shock, she refused to believe the reports of the military officials that came to deliver the heart breaking news to her. There was no where
on earth she would accept the news that her husband who vowed to love her till old age was no more. The fact that they had a beautiful daughter who wasn’t even up to three (3) years old to take care of, made the devastated lady nod her head in disagreement.
While Diana remained in denial, the military officials tried their best to console her but she refused to be consoled in the belief that Harry wasn’t dead. “Ma’am, we know you are currently devastated due to the magnitude of this news but we assure you that everything will be alright as time goes on. Be rest assured that the military will cover for your livelihood and the education of your daughter. Please accept our condolence” an officer said.
Immediately the officers were done talking, Diana shook her head again in disapproval and smiled faintly. The officers felt she was losing her mind but that wasn’t the case. She knew her husband wasn’t dead and no one could tell her otherwise. “It can’t be possible, we still have plenty time to love each other and build a beautiful family together. There’s no way my heart beat would leave me knowing that I can’t survive even a second without him in this cold world. Officers, my husband isn’t dead; please take me to the place he was last seen because I can’t accept your verdict. We still have a long way to go together; this can’t be how it ends” she soberly said.
Unable to effectively communicate with Diana, the officers gave their last condolence and left. Before leaving, they told her it was impossible for them to take her to the massacre scene because it was still a crime scene. Everything they said made no sense to the numb lady because she knew deep down that no one could stop her. In order to avoid further fruitless communication, she nodded in approval to whatever they said even if it didn’t sit well with her.
Immediately the officers left and shut the door behind them, Diana fell on the cold floor. She just laid there numb without knowing what better way to express the overflow of emotions she was feeling at that moment. Have you ever wanted to cry but tears were no where to be found? Have you ever wanted to scream on top of your voice but your strength
failed you? Have you ever closed your eyes in hopes not to open them again but death never came knocking?. These and more were how Diana felt at that moment.
Unable to fully express the pain and shock Diana was feeling within, she began to talk to thin air. “Baby can you hear me? If you can hear me please hug me and tell me everything is going to be alright because I don’t think I can bring myself to accept that you are no more. I cannot accept the sad reality that I won’t be able to hold and kiss you anymore. I’d rather die in denial than accept your demise. My love, I will be heading to work now and I hope to see your charming face when I return. Ayla misses you so much and can’t wait to see her father again. See you when I return from work babe” she soberly said.
When Diana was done talking to thin air, she got up, carried Ayla and drove off. As she headed to the museum, her mind was messed up with over a million thoughts. Tears were ready to pour out from her eyes but she held every single tear back. At that point, Diana’s only strength was her belief that Harry wasn’t dead. Despite being afraid within, she maintained a tough outlook and was focused on her belief that her husband was going to be at home when she returned from work that day.
All through that day at the museum, Diana was absent minded. Her colleagues who heard about the massacre at the military camp came to confirm if Harry was a victim but she bluntly told them her husband wasn’t dead but alive. The manner at which she replied those questions gave most people the impression that she was gradually losing her mind but they kept their thoughts to themselves.
In no time, the military personnels informed Harry’s parents about the tragic incident and everyone was utterly devastated. The news soon spread like wild fire and everyone cried bitterly. It was unbelievable at first but immediately the sad news sank it, screaming and wailing began. Diana’s phone must have rang up to a thousand times that day but she picked none because she knew that they were now aware of what was going on. The reason she refused to pick up anyone’s calls was because she didn’t want to be convinced that her husband was dead.
That day was probably one of the toughest day of Diana’s life but she still remained unshakable and positive that her husband wasn’t dead. When she returned home in hopes to see Harry and laugh over everything that had happened that day, she was left disappointed when the house was just as she left it. As she looked through every room in search of her husband, that was when it gradually dawned on her that it wasn’t a joke. The news of Harry’s death slowly began to sink in.
At that moment, all Diana could do was put her baby to sleep and lay on the cold floor for the second time. Just like she felt in the morning, she was numb and unable to express the emotions she was feeling within. It was a very unusual and dangerous state for a person to be in because at that point, you are still in shock. This can be deadly because they can begin to lose their sanity due to the bottled up emotions.
While Diana was at the verge of losing her mind, Harry was busy learning the villagers way of life. He was very happy being in the midst of his new family and began to learn their native language. He helped out in a lot of activities that went on in the village and was admired by almost everyone. The villagers were grateful to have Harry in their midst and were ready to do anything to keep him with them forever.
Despite not having a clue of life before the massacre, Harry always felt a huge void in his heart and emptiness in his spirit. Most evenings, he would sit outside his hut and look at the shiny stars. It always seemed as though a huge part of him was somewhere far away but he had no clue of why he even felt that way.
Just as Diana said, she began to investigate the massacre scene. She traveled without telling anyone of her whereabouts and carried her child alone with her as she journey to the military camp that was attacked. When she arrived, she was sent back home by the officers that knew who she was. The area had been sealed as a crime scene so no one was allowed to go there. It
was a fruitless adventure and only made matters worst for the emotionally deranged lady.
When Diana returned home that evening with escorts from the military, she held her daughter and laid on her matrimonial bed. That was the very first time she cried since she heard of the news of her husband’s demise. That was the very day the painful reality that her husband was no more began to sink in. As she laid on the bed sobbing, she began to talk to herself.
“It’s been two weeks after we first heard the news of the terrorist attack and it’s been a week since I was informed that you are no more. Baby, this is beginning to look real and I don’t know how long I can hold on to that tiny faith of mine that you are still alive. Baby please come back home, I can’t guarantee another second of my life without you in it. Please tell me this is all a prank, I can’t take it anymore” Diana soberly said as she sobbed bitterly. Ayla cried uncontrollably but her mum was too far gone in her thoughts to attend to her. Ayla cried for hours but Diana was slowly losing her mind and couldn’t do the needful for her daughter.
Fortunately, a good friend of Harry who was a soldier called Harry’s mum to inform her of Diana’s adventure to the massacre site. He begged them to go and check up on her because she behaved as someone that was having serious mental issues. Without hesitating, Harry’s parents hurried down to his house with other family members. Immediately they arrived there, the main door was wide open and they were left shocked.
Few steps into the apartment and Ayla’s voice could be heard from a distance. It was a four (4) bedroom flat in an estate. Everyone rushed to where the baby’s cry was coming from and immediately they entered into Diana’s matrimonial room, what they saw almost brought tears to their eyes. Before everyone could properly process what was going on in their minds, Diana laughed out loud and said; “I am traveling to the moon to see my husband, will you come with me? I will buy you biscuits on the way”.
Without a single doubt, it was clear that Diana had gone Bananas (Mad). Unable to bear the double shock, Harry’s mum fell on the floor crying. She looked above and screamed “God why!”.
End of episode 3 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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