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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 2

Till The Very End (episode 2)
⭐New Year Banger!!⭐
When two hearts beats as one, nothing can tear them apart; not distance, death, sickness nor unfavorable circumstance. It’s almost impossible to quench the burning fire of love between two people that can’t live without each other. Diana and Harry were a perfect example of two hearts that beats together as one. These two lovebirds saw no reason to live without each other and all we can do now is imagine how Diana was going to take in the news that her beloveth husband died in a terrorist massacre. What a deadly news it would be indeed.
While the news of the massacre spread like wild fire in all news outlets and media houses, Harry was in a far away age-wife/”>village with no one aware that he was even alive; talk more of knowing his whereabouts.
In as much as it’s a thing of relief to know that Harry survived the genocide, the
only problem now was that he had no idea of his identity, his past life before the incident, his wife, his daughter, his occupation, in fact he had no idea of his existence. At this point, it’s safe to say that Harry was suffering from amnesia after hitting his head hardly on the ground during the terrorist attack. In essence, he was suffering from memory loss and it would make it almost impossible for the villagers to trace where he was from.
The age-wife/”>village was situated on an isolated area and everyone lived and died there without leaving or interacting with the outside world. There was no civilization there and they had no technology nor electricity. Matter of fact, Harry had a very slim chance of ever going back to his family again; especially due to his memory loss. If he didn’t have amnesia, it would have been easier for the villagers to take him back to where they found him and eventually trace his family or colleagues from there. Too bad things had to happen the way it did. Fingers crossed as we read on!
When Harry revealed to the haunters that he didn’t know his name and where he came from, they assumed he was a wanderer and decided to welcome him into their age-wife/”>village with opened arms. They gave him a hut to stay in and made sure he was comfortable.
On the other hand, Diana was panicking as she read the news that day. She kept praying that her husband wasn’t part of the victims. She was scared to her stomach and began to dial his number just to confirm that he was alright.
After ringing severally with no answer, Diana’s fear worsened the more. She tried to contact some of Harry’s friends in the military but no one was picking up their calls. After over an hour of fruitlessly searching for her husband, she decided to retire to sleep and resume her search the next day.
While Diana slept that night, she had a bad dream about Harry. In that dream, he saw her in the market but acted as though he hadn’t seen her before and didn’t know her. She tried to get his attention but he bluntly acted uninterested.
There was definitely something weird and off about that dream because Diana knew for sure that her husband’s behaviour was unusual. The Harry she
knew would never act as though he didn’t know his wife, even if he was offered a million dollars to do so. The fact that she had such a weird dream at such a critical moment was enough to confirm any fear she was having about her husband. After that dream, she couldn’t sleep anymore. She became restless!
It was few more hours before dawn but Diana couldn’t wait for day break before commencing with the search for her husband. She was finally able to get a hold of a senior officer in the military but no vital information was passed across to her because they felt it wasn’t the right way to break the sad news about Harry’s death to his wife. The officer assured Diana that she would hear from them in no time after they were done with their investigations.
While Diana remained in the dark about the massacre, a multitude of military officials had already arrived the scene and began to identify the dead personnels. They couldn’t find Harry’s dead body but assumed that he was killed and paraded by the terrorist after the massacre. Despite not seeing a body, Harry was declared dead because if he wasn’t, he would have come out of hiding by then.
The bodies of the dead soldiers, doctors and nurses where arranged, packed into a big van and taken back to base for a proper burial arrangements and ceremony. That day was probably one of the saddest days in the military because they never saw such tragedy coming at all. Two days later, military personnels began to visit the family members of the deceased to inform them of the tragic event that had struck them.
Informing the family members of the deceased about what had happened was probably one of the hardest things ever. The delegates went from house to house to break the sad news to the family members of the dead officials.
“No! It can’t be my son” a woman screamed after hearing that her son was dead. Tears and shouts of disbelief were the reactions of everyone that heard the devastating news. No one wanted to believe that their loved one was no-more. It was a hard food to sallow but it was better they found out from the military first than from the media. The officers went from person to person till it got to Diana’s turn.
On the other hand, Harry was happily living his life with his newly found family. The villagers were extremely nice to him and gave him all the comfort he needed. In less than a week, he had began to retain new information in his memory but everything he now knew revolved around the village memories only. It was as though he was a baby that had began learning all over again on a clean slate. If only he could remember that he had a beautiful wife and daughter that were thousands of miles away from him. Too bad he couldn’t recall a single detail about his past life. Too bad indeed!
Finally, it got to Diana’s turn to receive the shocking news about her husband’s death. She got to know one fateful morning as she prepared to head to the museum. There was a knock on the door and she hurriedly went to open it, thinking it was her husband. Immediately she opened the door and saw two military officials, her heart dropped drastically. She held her chest when she saw the sad countenance on their faces.
“Hello ma’am, how are you doing?” the officer said, “I’m fine sir, I was going to make a stop at the military camp today because it’s been a week I heard from my husband last and it’s beginning to get me very worried” Diana nervously said. When she was done talking, the officers asked if they could come inside and she gladly welcomed them into her house.
At that moment, Diana’s heart raced due to the awkward attitude of the officers. They didn’t look as though they came bearing good news and it bothered her greatly. When everyone settled down, the officers began to speak. “We wished we weren’t the ones to break this news to you but it’s sad we have to because the news will go public in few days time. As we all know, there was an attack in one of our military camps few days ago and it was a massacre by terrorist. We still haven’t gotten over the shock of the outcome yet but we have learned to live with it. Doctor Harry was unfortunately part of the causalities and didn’t live to tell the story. We are here to inform you this minute that your husband is dead. Kindly accept our condolence and be strong in
these sad times” an officer sadly said.
Immediately they were done talking, there was pin drop silence in the whole atmosphere. Diana was cold and numb. She was in great shock but was too weak to fully express how she felt at that moment. Breathing became extremely difficult and tiring. Still in shock, she calmly asked; “Where is his body?”.
The officers were confused on what answer to give because they weren’t able to identify his body on the scene but were sure he must have been killed and paraded by the terrorist after the attack. They believed his body was lying lifeless in one bush or the other. In other to answer Diana’s question, they had to explain their own theory of what could have happened to his body.
“We don’t have a physical body of Doctor Harry yet but we believe he was killed and paraded by the terrorist after the attack. His colleagues that were at the camp with him were all dead on arrival so there wasn’t any way he could have survived. If Doctor Harry was alive and hiding, he would have come forth by now” the officers said.
At that moment, Diana could feel her husband’s heartbeats deep down in her spirit. She was about to go insane but held herself as strong as she could because she knew deep down that her husband wasn’t dead. The feeling was unexplainable but it was just present deep in her soul.
Without saying much, Diana looked at the officers, smiled faintly and said; “My husband isn’t dead”.
End of episode 2 😉

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