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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 11 [Completed]

With Diana gone, Harry’s eyes began to look around and landed on a family portrait that caught his eyes. He got up and walked towards the photo to have a clearer view and almost collapsed when he saw a man that looked exactly like him in the photo. While he was still confused on what was going on, his eyes saw yet another family photo that consisted of a man that looked exactly like him with Diana and Ayla. As he stood there looking even more confused, Diana walked in with a soft drink. One look at his eyes and she could tell that something was wrong. “What’s going on?” she asked and he pointed at the large family portrait hanging on the wall.
Immediately Diana figured out what was going on, she burst into tears. As tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes, Harry came closer to her and held her arms. “Why are you crying and why am I on these photos?” he sadly asked and Diana revealed the shocking truth she had been hiding from him since the very day he was rescued. “You are my husband” she revealed. The look on Harry’s face at that moment was obvious that he was shocked beyond words could say. He couldn’t put to words the content of his heart because it was too much for his mind to comprehend.
Followed by the revelation, Diana narrated everything that happened to their marriage starting from the massacre incident till his loss of memory and the rest. For the first time ever, Harry could give meaning to his existence. So after all, he didn’t just fall from nowhere into the forest where the villagers found him. That was the first time ever Harry cried. It was such an emotional moment for them but the sad thing still was that he couldn’t remember the amazing husband and father he once was to Diana and his daughter. The fact that he couldn’t remember such beautiful moments pierced his heart and made him more sober. He only relied on Diana’s tale of the past to know how blissful his family used to be. Such a sad thing indeed.
That day marked a great turn in Harry and Diana’s relationship. They became more closer despite the fact that their condition was still the same. Through Diana’s help, Harry was able to get a job at the museum so he could be more closer to her. Everyone admired the couple and wished them nothing but happiness. Things carried on the same till something unfortunate happened that was a blessing in disguise for the couple. God finally showed up!
It happened that Harry was trying to hang an ornament in the museum and needed a ladder to help reach the height he was aiming at. As he climbed the ladder to hang the ornament, he slipped his leg and fell from such high place. Diana almost died when she was told that her husband had been rushed to the hospital after sustaining a head injury that made him black out. She was very worried that it could worsen his memory loss and make him forget all he had managed to learn in the space of two years.
Without wasting time, Diana rushed to the hospital to see Harry but he was in an Intense Care Unit. She immediately called his parents and her mom to inform them of the recent tragedy. Everyone’s heart was high as they prayed that nothing bad should happen to their son who had gone through a lot in the past three years of his life. They arrived at the hospital shortly and began to wait on the doctor.
Some of Harry’s friends from the military who heard what happened to him came running to the hospital. Everyone prayed silently for no complications but they had no idea that God was unto something unimaginable.
After several hours of waiting, Diana got up and sat beside her husband. She looked at her mother in law with tears falling from her eyes. “Mum stop crying, we still have a long time together so he isn’t going anywhere. After saying that, she laid on Harry’s body and began to sob silently. “Lord please bring my husband back to me. I’m not asking for too much anymore, all I am asking is for him to open his eyes. I’m so tired but grateful at the same time because he could have been dead three years ago but you spared his life. Please bring him back to me alive, that’s all I ask for” she soberly said and laid her head on his chest.
Just as everyone sobbed silently for the lovebirds who had been through so much together, Harry opened his eyes. Diana smiled and gave him a peck on his forehead. “He is Awake!” she said with so much excitement.
As everyone drew closer to Harry’s hospital bed to welcome him back to his consciousness, he casually said “Di Di, what’s going on?” and everyone froze. That nickname was a popular name the ‘Old’ Harry usually called his wife.
Immediately Diana heard that nickname, tears of joy began to fall from her eyes. She looked at her husband and called him a popular nickname she used to call him too and he happily replied. Without stress, Harry identified his parents, in-laws and his military friends that were present.
Everyone screamed for joy till the hospital almost collapsed. They danced for joy and sang praises as they kept asking Harry questions from the past and he answered sharply without blinking an eye. All Diana could do was cry helplessly till Harry reached out for her hands and dragged her closer to him. “My love, why are you crying?” he curiously asked, she smiled faintly and said “Because I miss my husband so much and love you with every bit of my heart. Welcome back baby!”.
“Where’s Ayla, where’s my daughter?” Harry voiced out when he looked around but couldn’t find her. Luckily, Diana’s mum was carrying her on the back and quickly untied her. Harry gave his baby girl a fatherly hug and was shocked at how big she had grown. “Just like yesterday I held her as a baby and now she’s so grown.. wow!” he surprising said. Everyone smiled with tears still in their eyes.
Everyone enjoyed the moment and praised God for such an unexpected miracle. Funny thing was that he couldn’t remember anything after he hit his head during the massacre. The village memory and everything that happened for the past three years of his life was wipe away. The last memory he had of his family was kissing his wife ‘Goodbye’ as he left for the camp that fateful day.
After Harry’s discharge from the hospital, he went to his matrimonial home with his wife and daughter. That night was probably one of the best night of Diana’s life in three years. They made love as though they were going to die if they stopped. Diana wanted every bit of Harry’s body and wanted more every second. It was such a beautiful way for them to bold after the trials and tribulations their marriage had faced in the past three years.
Weeks later, they did a massive thanksgiving in the house of the Lord to return back all the glory to him. It wasn’t easy but they won and defeated the enemy. Harry resigned as a military doctor and started his own private hospital.
From then henceforth, their marriage only experienced blissful and happy moments. No more tears and sorrows. They enjoyed their marriage and vowed to be together ‘Till The Very End’. They were blessed with two more kids as the years went by. Glory be to God!
End of Story! 😉
Thanks for staying tuned till end. comment below how soon you want another story. I truly love you all ❤❤
Written by Sonia Okehie

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