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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 10

When Harry came into the office, also seated were few senior officers that were also interested in knowing what happened to Harry on that fateful day of the terrorist attack. The tourist guide was invited to the meeting to help with translation since they were informed that he couldn’t understand the language he used to know.
The question sessions began and series of questions were asked. Harry wasn’t too opened at first but later began to talk as time went on. They asked him to narrate all that happened and he tried as much as he could to give the information his was asked. Up until then, Harry had no clue of why they took him from the villagers that were now his family and certainly had no idea why everyone was asking him questions. It was highly confusing for him but he still compiled.
As Harry spoke in details how he was found wounded by some hunters and taken to the age-wife/”>village and also how he lived there peacefully and almost got married, Mr Rex and the other officers present couldn’t help but wonder what Diana would go
through when she eventually realize that her husband whom she dearly missed for a year had forgotten who she was. It was sad indeed for them to hear everything the man went through just to be alive.
When the question sessions ended, Harry was taken inside a nice room to rest while Dan and the tourist guide were compensated financially and released to go back to their various homes. Diana was still at the hospital but the good news was that her wound had began to heal. After about two days of being in a very critical condition, she finally opened her eyes and the first thing she said was “Where is my husband?”. The doctor and nurses assured her that Harry would be with her soon. They said this to calm her down to avoid stressing her with the sad news that he was suffering from memory loss. After staying in the hospital for three days, she was later discharged.
By the time Diana was discharged from the hospital, the news of Harry’s return had spread all through the state they resided in. Their parents got to know about the shocking news and were at the hospital the next minute to see Diana. Immediately she was discharged, they all cried as they gave the strong woman a warm hug. They hugged Diana for a very long time because it just began to dawn on them how remarkable, strong and genuine she was. They were blessed to have such a daughter in-law and praised her.
With everyone present on the day of Diana’s discharge, the doctor felt it was the perfect time to break the sad news to them. “Harry is suffering from memory loss and unfortunately can’t remember any of you; including his wife and daughter. Cases like this can be hopeless because he has a very slim chance of regaining his lost memory again. I advice you don’t force things with him because you might just succeed in making him uncomfortable. Take everyday one step at a time and we pray for a miracle someday. Diana, my prayers are with you because you have been through a lot for your family. You might not hear this often but you are a very strong, kind and selfless woman and I pray Harry is able to tell you this someday when he hopefully regains his memory. God who saved him and brought him back to you will finish what he started. Don’t lose your faith or hope now because you have come too far to give up now” the doctor said.
To be honest, if it wasn’t for the comforting words that followed after that heartbreaking news, Diana might have collapsed and given up the ghost when she heard that her husband had lost his memory and couldn’t even remember her and his daughter again. It was still sad but they all comforted each other as family.
Without hesitating, Harry’s parent and his wife was given custody to look after him. In order to reduce the awkwardness or being around strangers, they took the doctor’s advice and gave him space. A different appartment was rented for Harry to live in since he couldn’t recognize his wife nor daughter. Diana came visiting often to help out with cleaning and cooking in his new apartment. The only way they communicated with each other was through signs. Whenever she came back from those visits, she would cry herself to sleep. Despite her husband being close to her physically, it still felt as though he was thousands of miles apart. There was no connection,
affection or communication between both of them and it killed her slowly.
As time went on, Harry’s dad hired professional historians who knew how to speak the language Harry learnt from the village. In no time, they were able to teach him how to speak the normal language he knew before the accident. That way, everyone could now communicate with him without using signs. Gradually, he became a Pro and began to speak the language fluently just like before.
Slowly, Harry began to smile and interact with people again even though he couldn’t remember them. Whenever Diana came to visit, they would talk for hours and laugh while at it. She would talk about the museum and different art piece that were brought in that day. Gradually, she started getting the bestfriend and confidant side of her husband back. She always called him ‘Husband’ whenever she came around but he never knew why she called him that. He felt it was a good nickname so he went with the flow.
Harry’s parents were happy that their son was now good with speaking their language and could interact well without the need of an interpreter. However, their happiness still felt incomplete because things were not the way it used to be. They dearly wished for a miracle for their son but it seemed as though the heaven was shut before them. It was sad but they had to learn how to live with the current situation at hand.
Years passed and it’s been two years since Harry was rescued. Ayla was now 3 years old but sadly, Harry still couldn’t recall his family. Life was unencouraging for Diana but she was still hopefully that a miracle would happen someday. It’s been a whole three years without her husband in her arms, without feeling his touch and without kissing his beautiful soft lips. Just pause for a moment and imagine the hell Diana went through those years without the only man her heart beats for?. Up until then, she had never looked at any other man twice, talkmore of being touched by another man; she never thought of it, talk more of doing it.
Diana showed a whole new level of faithfulness and lived the reality of the vow “till death do us part”. She was ready to die believing God for her husband to regain his memory, than be with another man. Her level of commitment to her husband marvelled even his parents and other family members. It wasn’t long before other people began to use Diana as a example of ‘Loyalty’. She lived that reality and was worthy of any accolade given to her.
As time went on, Harry genuinely began to fall in love with Diana’s personality all over again. He loved the way she cared for him and started seeking for a way to reveal his feelings to her. Whenever Diana brought Ayla with her to cook for Harry, he would ask who owned the child and Diana will smile and say “Someday you would know her father”. Harry usually felt drawn to Ayla whenever she accompanied Diana to his apartment. He had no idea that she was his daughter but liked her genuinely.
After giving the relationship intentions a thought, Harry finally decided to pour his heart out to Diana one fateful day. On that day, she was supposed to visit him but later called in sick. Concerned to know how she was doing, he asked her and asked if he could come over to her house; of which she agreed and sent her house location to him. That was the first day ever he visited her house since after the rescue.
An hour after the location was shared with Harry, he arrived at Diana’s house. Immediately he stepped his feet into the compound, his heart skipped several beats. It was confusing because it felt as though he had been there before. The gate, the house and staircase to his apartment came flashing in his memory. Unable to figure out why the atmosphere suddenly felt as home, he dialed her number and she came out from the balcony and told him to take the staircase. When he got to the door, she opened the door and gave him a warm hug. “How are you feeling now?” he asked, “Feeling better now that you are here” she replied. They both entered inside and Harry sat on one of the couch while Diana went to get him something to drink.

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