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Till The Very End – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 11]

Till The Very End

Till The Very End

Till The Very End (episode 1)
⭐New Year Banger!!⭐
The strength of a relationship between two people is tested by their ability to weather the storms life throws at them. “For better for worst” they say with their mouths, but only few actually mean it with their hearts. Many people are ready to walk away from their marriage/relationship at the slightest crisis, unfavourable circumstances or disagreement without first fighting for the love they share; however, not for a strong lady named ‘Diana’. This tale is going to be an emotional one so I suggest you grab your handkerchief as you read on.
Years ago, a lovely and admirable couple by name Diana and Harry got married after dating for a very long time. These two lovebirds were hopelessly in love with each other and did almost everything together. Anywhere you saw Harry, be rest assured that Diana would be right by his side. They were one couple everyone looked up to because their relationship was pure and inspiring.
Those who knew the couple always prayed to God to keep them alive
till old age because if anything ever happened to either of them, it wasn’t going to be funny because these two lovebirds literally lived for each other. Despite the fact that the power to live wasn’t in anyone’s hands, Harry and Diana went into a covenant with God as regards long life. They always believed that they would live long and will not leave each other till old age.
The couple was blessed with a bouncing baby girl a year after their wedding and life couldn’t get any better. Their daughter was beautiful beyond words can describe and they named her ‘Ayla’. Harry was a great father to his daughter and husband to his wife. He was loved by his little family because he was everything they could ask for.
“What’s your greatest fear?” Harry asked his wife one cozy evening as they conversed at their balcony. Ayla was asleep on Diana’s laps as she searched her heart for the perfect answer to give her husband. After a minute of silence, Diana looked into his eyes and said; “My greatest fear is losing you or our daughter, I don’t know how I’m going to carry on with life without either of you” she soberly said.
On seeing that Diana was already sober, Harry moved his chair close to hers and pecked her on the cheek. “I am going nowhere hun, there’s no need to be afraid of anything. You remember we are in a covenant with God as regards long life, so let go of that fear because it’s never coming to pass” he confidently said. The once tensed atmosphere gradually regained it’s positive spark and the couple carried on with their conversation.
Harry was a medical doctor that worked with the military. The nature of his job took him away from home most of the times. He was always away during any form of deployment, terrorist attack or economic unrest caused by national security threats. Harry was usually at the frontline of any national crisis to treat wounded or sick soldiers.
Harry loved his profession with all his heart because it was his own way of serving humanity but we can’t say same for Diana. Whenever he was away for outside jobs in far away military camps, his wife would be very worried and scared. The thought of something bad happening to Harry made Diana sick to her stomach
whenever he was away. She would pray and pray for protection because things can go wrong anytime and put her husband in danger.
Whenever Diana complained of the insecurities she felt due to the nature of her husband’s job, he would remind her that he wasn’t the soldiers who did the fighting. However, no matter how much he tried to make her understand that he was at a lower risk of being in danger, she was never satisfied with his explanation.
Years passed and life was nothing but beautiful for the young couple. They lived life to the fullest and never held back any opportunity they had to show love to one another. Diana worked at a museum and had to return to work 6 months after giving birth to Ayla.
Unlike Harry’s job, Diana’s job was more risk free and peaceful. The museum she worked at was one of the best in the country and had tourist trooping in and out on a daily basis. Through her work, she got to learn so much about history and foreign cultures. Life went on beautifully till a phone call came one fateful morning that changed everything.
That morning, Diana was getting ready for work while Harry was getting ready to head to the military hospital. It’s been two months since he returned home from his last outside work in military camps. These two months were the best in Diana’s life because she never worried about anything bad happening to her husband. They laughed, played and enjoyed their marriage to the fullest but if only they knew that their joy was about to be cut short.
“Hello sir, Goodmorning” Harry greeted over the phone. The conversation lasted for about a minute before it ended. The look on Harry’s face wasn’t pleasant and it led Diana to ask what was wrong. “It’s everything OK babe?” she asked, “Yes babe, it’s just that I have been deployed to the war zone to treat wounded soldiers. They are running out of available medical professionals because the number of soldiers getting shot on a daily basis is alarming. Our nation is losing the battle against these terrorist and the last thing we need now is to go short on soldiers. I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning” he sadly said.
Immediately Harry was done talking, it felt as though a sword pierced through Diana’s chest. She could hardly breathe as her mind processed the shocking news her husband broke to her. Unable to say anything at that moment, she postpone the conversation till she got back from work in the evening. She gave him a peck and left the house.
All through that day, neither Diana nor Harry could get their mind off the shocking news they received that morning. It was shocking to Diana mostly because she had always been nervous and scared about the nature of her husband’s job. Harry was used to it and only worried because he knew his wife would be bothered.
When Diana returned from work that evening, she had a long talk with her husband. He assured her not to worry but I wish it was that easy for Diana. They tried to see the positive side of the situation and not dwell on any negativity. “There’s nothing to worry about baby, I’ll be back just like I have always done and beside, I won’t be at the battle field but would rather be in a secured camp. Stop worrying about what won’t happen, I will be back before you know it” he assured.
As they slept that night, Diana had a dream and woke up scared. Harry wasn’t a deep sleeper so he woke up immediately she did. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” he curiously asked, “I’m not OK babe, I’m scared. Please don’t leave me and Ayla, I beg you” she said with tears falling off her eyes. The atmosphere was tensed due to the out-pour of emotions by Diana.
As Harry tired to console his wife, he kissed her in the process and she kissed back. He held her tightly from behind and gently laid her back on the bed. They kissed passionately as tears fell off Diana’s eyes. Harry slide his hands inside her night gown and raised it up. He succeeded in removing her night wear and took his shorts off too. He kissed every bit of her body and sucked her beautiful breast. They stayed in that blissful magical moment for a while before they finally made love. For every thrust, Diana gasped for breath and gently scratched Harry’s body. She sobbed gently while still being transported into the world of ecstasy.
That night, they made love longer than they have ever done since they knew each other. Harry was extremely gently
and craved for Diana body as though his life depended on it. They were intoxicated as they devoured each other like it was their last Forever. Maybe their instinct told them it would be the last time they would be together for a very very long time, hence the reason that night was different.
After hours of being in cloud nine, they tiredly cuddled each other as they gasped for breath. “Promise me you will be OK, promise me that you will come back to me and Ayla soon. Promise me that you will be safe and strong for us. Promise me babe” Diana soberly said. Without hesitating, Harry confidently replied “I promise”. They tried to catch some sleep because they had a long day ahead of them.
The following day, Harry was all dressed and ready to leave. A military car was already waiting outside his compound so there wasn’t enough time to eat breakfast or spend with his family for the last time. In haste, he pecked his daughter and gave his wife a kiss. That was the saddest ‘Goodbye’ ever but Diana had to be strong for her daughter. After Harry left, she headed for the museum with Ayla.
The first day without Harry was hard but things got a little better after a week passed by. He called Diana twice a day and video called her whenever he was free. They made sure to stay in constant touch with one another and this helped to ease any nervousness or tension Diana was having. Things went on perfectly fine till one fateful day when everything changed.
It happened that there was an emergency at the Battle field that needed a medical official urgently. There was a protected military camp there too but it wasn’t as secured as the official camp Harry initially stayed at. In a matter on 24 hours, he was there to help and treatment began.
Unknown to the military officials, a handful of terrorist had surrounded the camp and laid siege. At midnight, they attached and opened fire. There was nowhere to run to so they stayed back and fought. The medical tent was attacked by the terrorists and they opened fire. Harry was shot twice at the back and as he fell, he hit his head hardly on the ground and blood began to gush out. The terrorist thought he was dead so they left him and opened fire on other people. It was a terrible night indeed. Before the news of what was happening got to the main military camp, almost all the soldiers were lying dead on the cold ground.
After the operation was successfully executed, the terrorist fled the scene leaving almost everyone dead. After about 10 minutes later, Harry opened his eyes and dragged his body outside the camp and entered the bush for safety. The ground was sloppy so he lost control and began to roll into the bushes. He hit a tree and blacked out the second time.
When morning came, two hunters who came around that area to hunt saw Harry lying on the ground in a pool of blood. They immediately lifted him up and carried him into their canoe. They sailed to a far away village where they resided in.
Immediately the hunters arrived at their village, they alerted the herbal doctor to help with Harry’s wounds and hopefully remove the bullets in his body. Fortunately everything went well and Harry was in a good state of recovery. They cleaned him up and left him to rest. He slept for a very long time
before he finally gained back consciousness.
“He is Awake!” the herbal doctor screamed when Harry finally woke up. The villagers and hunters ran to see the foreigner that had made his way to their village. Harry’s medical suit and clothing showed he was from a far away land from the village. The villagers were interested to know who he was and hear what happened to him.
As they all gathered the herbal doctor’s hut, one of the hunter’s that rescued Harry asked him a simple question; “Who are you and what’s your name?”.
There was dead silence in the atmosphere and after few minutes of looking clueless, Harry dropped a shocker; “I have no idea who I am, I do not know”.
End of episode 1 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.
✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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