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Tickling His Testicles (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

Her tits were bouncing around all over the place as he slammed against her ass and this turned him on to such an extent he thought his balls were going to explode again. When he did cum she started to sob as if she couldn’t believe it was over so soon.

His heart was pounding as he rolled off of her, and as he did so, he heard a door bang and then there were footsteps on the stairs. Lillie sat bolt upright, “Oh shit – that sounds like Jed.”

Roy grabbed his clothes and his tool box and made for the bathroom. Now his heart was beating twice as fast. He sat on the cool tile floor for a few moments and then quickly put on his clothes.

At first, everything was silent and then he heard Lillie groan. He very carefully opened the door and saw a big bare ass, which he presumed belong to Jed, pounding the f**k out of her.

He knew he couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever and so he opened the door, picked up his tools and walked quietly past the bed as Jed was ramming his d!ck into her like as if he was trying to clean out a rat’s nest. Before he made his exit he turned and looked at Lillie who gave him a little wave with her fingers, smiled and then broke into a low groan once more. THE END

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