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Tickling His Testicles (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

Tickling his Testicles

Tickling his Testicles

by Cristiano Caffieri

Lillie Soto had a bit of a reputation. Tradesmen often spent longer at her house than any other and several marriage breakups in the area had been blamed on the dark haired beauty. So when she asked her neighbor Roy McKinny to fix an outlet in her bedroom he was a bit uneasy but on the other hand, Lillie was a real sexy dish and a very persuasive one.

He was just a young guy, still living with his parents and his mother certainly didn’t want him to go in that woman’s house but he went anyway. Armed with his tool box he rang the doorbell and she answered wearing a very revealing top and a skirt halfway up her bum. Even the way she greeted him in that low sultry voice gave him an erection.

When she showed him the electrical outlet that was causing a problem he set to work and she just disappeared, consequently he thought all his worries, and all his hopes were unfounded. He soon discovered the problem, fixed it and was just about to get up off of his knees when a pair of slender arms came around and embraced him. On looking round he found that she was completely naked.

Kissing the back of his neck she told him how she’d admired him afar for a long time and that she was prepared to surrender her body to him unconditionally.

“Do what you like with me,” she said, ”You can stick it any hole you choose, spank me, humiliate me whatever you want Roy – I’m yours.”

It was a difficult situation for a young man to be in and he responded like any red-blooded American would, he turned around, stood up, grabbed hold of her and threw her onto the bed. He began to kiss her passionately on the lips and she held one arm around his neck while fumbling in the bedside cabinet drawer with the other. The next thing he knew she was sticking a vibrator against his balls.

“Why don’t you take all your clothes off,” she smiled, “And I’ll just switch it on gentle and tickle your testicles.”

Even though he wasn’t sure about being prodded with electrical devices he was now as horny as hell and so he threw caution to the wind and almost ripped his clothes off. As promised she just ran it lightly around his balls and up the side of his d!ck, Then she lubricated it with something from a tube and asked if he’d gently shove it into her pussy. She opened her legs revealing the pink twitching folds of her snatch and he carefully inserted it. When he switched it on Lillie just went berserk, she flung her arms around, screamed, swore and had an orgasm that sent her into hysterics.

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