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Three Women (short story) – Season 1 – Episode 29 [Completed]

There was heavy breathing on the line but neither of them spoke. Dapo looked around and caught Lola staring at him, trying to guess who he was speaking with.

more heavy breathing. “I…I am ashamed to admit this.”
“Look…There is nothing you can tell me that would shock me right now, so just spit it out.”
“Okay. I…I kinda stalked you for a while.”
“You stalked me?”
“Yeah…I…When I saw you fixing your car on the side of the road, it wasn’t a coincidence.”
She stopped to breathe and continued. ”I had actually been tailing you.”


“I tried to control how I felt about you. I tried my best. But when you came to my house the other day, I couldn’t hold the feeling anymore.”

“Umm! The night I slept at your house…The night I was drunk, did anything happen?”

“No. I just…I just stared at you as you slept for most part of the night.”

“Umm…What else do you think I need to know?”

“Umm! I didn’t do anything crazy, other than stalk you…and probably go through all your Facebook posts.” She said and laughed lightly. There was silence again. “I guess this ain’t my fairy-tale where I live happily ever after with my prince charming.”

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“I guess not.” Dapo said and looked back at Lola. She was laughing at a joke Tosin cracked.”Maybe in another life.”

“Yea…maybe in an alternate universe, where all men are single.” There was heavy breathing again. “I am going to break this Sim Card after this call.”

“So…So you are really leaving the country?”

“Yea…I have been a big fish in a small pond for far too long.” More heavy breathing. “Bye, Dapo.”

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“Bye.” Dapo said and the line went dead. He waited a couple of seconds, and then dialed her number; he heard the automated Airtel voice say ‘the number you are trying to call has been switched off.’ He put his phone in his pocket and turned around. Lola was waving him over to hear something Tosin had said. Dapo smiled as he walked towards his wife.

2 Months Later, It happened that Kike had willed almost everything she had in Dapo’s name. She had inherited all the chief’s real estate’s all over the country, so now they were all transferred to Dapo. The lawyer was calling him now to inform on the proceedings of the will, but that was the last thing he wanted to discuss, because he was driving home with a new member of the family. Lola was in the back seat holding the new born baby, and he took quick glances at the baby from time to time. Anu was waiting outside for them as they drove in. She ran over and gave Lola a hug; she probably was so happy to see Lola alive. The little kid had seen so much death in her tender age, that she had become paranoid. While in the house, Anu walked over to Dapo’s side and whispered in his ear “is it a boy or a girl?” He answered her and she smiled, staring at the baby court like they had just bought her a new toy. The baby boy stared straight ahead, not focusing his look on anybody. ”So what would you call him?”

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“That is so long; what does it mean?”

“God has brought joy. And for short, you can call him Kay.”

“That’s a good name.” Anu said and excitement spread all over her face. Dapo thought it would be okay if she stayed home from school today. He was thinking how the baby had brought joy to them all. What an episode the last 6 months had been for him; but this baby had brought joy and sanity back into his life.

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