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Three Empty Words – Episode 7

I woke up with a pounding headache, I looked around my environment and it was something I couldn’t recognize. I sighed heavily when I realized I had escaped death again, my clothes were still intact except for the shoes which were nowhere to be seen. I heard voices getting closer to the room I was in then seconds later the door opened.

‘You are awake.’ A man in his mid-twenties asked I looked at him without a word.

The older man came to my side and touched my face lightly but I faced the other side; probably trying to check my temperature.

‘How are you feeling?’ the younger man asked but I didn’t say anything to him

I was sure he is the one that had brought me here and I hated him for that, I really wanted for death to claim me this time around.

‘Looks like she doesn’t talk.’ The older man said

‘You can just clean up in there, I guessed the size of your clothes and got you something to change into. When you are done you can join us in the living room for breakfast.’ He said and they both walked out

I slowly got out of the bed and checked the plastic bags he had put on the side, they were toiletries and in another; matching underwear, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a t shirt. I smiled, this was so me.

I took the liberty in making the bed before taking my quick bath because I still didn’t trust the two men.

Afterwards I dressed up and walked out of the bedroom with my hair tied in a rough bun.

I found the two seated and laughing and my only concern was when they were planning to kill me.

‘Let me serve you.’ The younger man said I hated him.

‘Coffee or tea?’

I pointed at the tea

He put a sandwich on my plate, bacon and some cheese. Instead I stood up, picked up the box of cereal that was on the kitchen table; poured some in a bowl, added milk and started to eat. All this while both men just looked at me in shock.

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I was hungry but I wasn’t going to eat something prepared by them.

‘You could have just said that you wanted cereal.’ The young irritating man said in frustration

We all ate in silence before the older man said he was leaving.

‘Kelvin I am leaving but will pass through the Police station to report this matter just in case someone went looking for her.’

‘I will appreciate that.’ The young man who I learnt was Kelvin said ‘Please don’t tell the police yet.’ I said talking for the first time The older man sighed heavily then came to seat next to me.

‘My little brother here called me in the middle of the night and told me he had picked up some girl that was unconscious. You wake up this morning and choose to go mute on the both of us and now that I want to report the case, you decide to talk.’ He snarled

No one in my life frightened me but at this moment I was scared out of my wits I could have peed on myself

‘Young lady in fact, you are not remaining here. You are going with me to the Police station and I am leaving you there.’ He said getting hold of my hand ‘Kangwa.’ Kelvin said coming to my rescue ‘What!?’

‘You are hurting her.’

‘Young man, you are the only family I have and I won’t allow you to get into trouble because of some yellow bone!’ he barked even louder

By this time tears were falling from my eyes and Kelvin had moved backwards ‘Where is my phone?’ I asked breaking the silence Kelvin quickly ran to the bedroom and brought it.

‘Lucky for you, the fall didn’t cause any crack on the screen.’ He said I heard Kangwa growl

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I switched it on and found several missed calls from mum and other strange numbers, I called her first and she picked up on the first ring.

‘Tell me you are fine my baby.’ She said immediately she picked up

‘I need you to come and pick me up, come alone and don’t tell anyone that you are coming for me. I am sending directions right now.’ I said and dropped the line

I gave the phone to Kelvin who texted her the directions.

‘What were you honestly doing in the middle of the night unconscious? That is the

problem with you yellow bones. This mixed breed has you crazy in the head.

Making you think that you are better than everyone else.’ Kangwa hissed

‘Kangwa please give her a break.’

‘A break.’

He clicked his tongue

‘So I am sure your mother is one of those wild women who found herself with a white man just for money, I am sure she doesn’t even know who your father is.’ He said again

I just looked at him without a word, I had gone through way too much to allow the words of a stranger to scar me; I was going to raise above every word he said because I knew better.

We both looked to the door when we heard a knock Kangwa stood up and went to open.

‘Can I help you?’ he asked

‘I got directions to come here.’ She said

‘You are the irresponsible mother.’ He said opening the door widely

She came to where I was seated and embraced me tightly as tears fell from her eyes

‘Lord you almost gave me a heart attack, never do that to me again.’ She said more tears falling

‘I am sorry ma, I am sorry.’ I said crying some more

‘It’s not your fault baby, it is I to blame. I will never do that to you again.’ She said still crying

Just then the door opened and dad walked in ‘What the hell is happening?’ Kangwa asked ‘You followed me?’ mum asked now on her feet ‘Francie Xenia is our daughter.’

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‘She isn’t your daughter Scott so stay away from her.’

I wanted to speak but not once in my life had I ever seen her that upset ‘Xenia has blood flowing in my veins, you can’t take her from me.’

‘If you want to see how crazy I can get, I dare you to get close to her again. Now leave and never get in touch with me again.’ She barked scaring me

Scott wanted to say something but Kangwa escorted him outside ‘You heard the lady.’ He said closing the door

We heard a car drive out then mum picked up her phone to call someone as she continued to check my temperature

‘Mum I am fine.’ I said

‘You are not, we are going to see your doctor to make sure you are okay.’ She said and I knew her word was final

‘Excuse me, you don’t just come into this house and act like it’s your own.’ Kangwa said tapping mum on the shoulder

She looked at where his finger had been then back to his face.

‘Young man are you the one that found her?’

‘Yes ma’am I am.’ Kelvin responded

‘Thank you so much, you are very kind and trust me you will be faced with good things.’ She said

‘I will drop the clothes this evening after I wash them.’ She said still looking at Kelvin ignoring Kangwa

‘There is no need.’

‘You have done enough already, it’s only right that I return the clothes.’ She said ‘Suit yourself.’ Kangwa said

Mum looked at him then at Kelvin.

‘Thank you once again.’

‘Xenia let us go.’ She said to me and we walked out

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