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Thorns In My Boot – Episode 42


I am writing this story from the comfort of my study in my farm house. I am just forty three years old now in 2015 but the things I have been through in life makes me feel like I am seventy years old, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am now into full time farming. I am also a writer as well as a consultant. I have some short stories published to my credit. It was my wife that actually encouraged me to put my life experience on paper so as to serve as a source of encouragement to those in unpleasant situations in life. Today I am also a worker in the house of the Lord where I worship and I cannot but give glory to God for all that happened to me in my life, I believed it was his way of preparing me for my today.

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Funmilayo is away in Accra girls academy Ghana, while Kayode is at Command secondary School Abakaliki, they are both far away from home. Ekundayo and her younger brothers are also at Command Secondary School Abakaliki, they are all Boarders. During the holidays all the Kids come to my farm or they go to Abakaliki at Baba Dayo’s work shop to work and earn some money.

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Amaka is presently a special adviser to the Oyo state Governor on legal matters, she has a Chamber in Enugu and another at Eleyele Ibadan. The competency exhibited while representing her Clients in Courts in Ibadan endeared her to the state Government that she was nominated for the appointment and the fact that she was Igbo married to a Yoruba man helped cemented her credentials for the appointment.

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My farms are doing great, the palm plantation in my village rolls out hundred of drums of red palm oil for Companies and northern traders yearly, the Palm Kernels are not enough to meet the demand from companies that produce soap and farmers that need them for feeds preparation including my farm here at Ibadan too.

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There is much to be gained from a palm plantation; when the fruits are ripe, we set traps and catch wild Boars and Rodents that come to eat up the fruits from its bunch or the ones that have fallen to the ground due to the activities of rodents, these are roasted and my share sent to me at Ibadan, and one thing I had loved from Childhood was Bush meat! When it is time to prune the branches of the palm trees, we sell them off to Basket makers in the community.

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