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Thorns In My Boot – Episode 10

Things happened so fast at the Station; immediately we stepped to the front of the Counter inside the Police Station, I received a blinding slap from behind; I screamed and held my ears as I heard Saka screamed too. I received blows and kicks from at every part of my body, I fell down and struggled to run out of the station but I was blocked somehow, the more I tried to get up and run, the more the barrage of beatings I received so I la!d down and stopped resisting, I simply blocked my face with my hands.

After about thirty minutes of torturing us, we were stripped of our Clothes and dumped into a Cubicle, a four by four feet squared room with no ventilation, no lamination. I swore under my breath to kill these men if when I get out of this mess, for I was convinced there were not kidnappers, they are legal Police men carrying out an illegal duty, I was also sure they had picked us by mistake, they must think we are some persons on their wanted list. I was wrong.

We were locked up for two days without food or water, no one opened the door to the Cubicle we were locked in, I was beginning to get real scared on the third day before we were brought out of the Cell , our hands cuffed and led to an Office with the inscription “D.P.O” on the door.

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They pushed us to the front of a huge well polished sparkling Mahogany Desk and behind the Desk sat a Monstrous looking Man with Nose like that of a Hippopotamus, his nose is so wide that you could see the redness of the Cartilage inside the nose, his Lips were large and dropping exposing teeth tanned with Kola nut, his eyes were bulging and glossy, he was sweating even though the noisy air condition in the Office was on. I instinctively knew we were before the Devil!
His stomach had stretched his uniform to the maximum elasticity limit that two buttons had cut off exposing his black Singlet, as he opened his mouth to speak I noticed he had blackish tongue instead of red, where in hell did this creature come from? I pondered even in my pain.

Look at them! Are they the ones? He asked, directing his question to an elderly Woman and a young Lady sitting opposite him and directly in front of us.

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The Ladies turned back and stared in front of us, we were wearing only Boxers with bruises all over. Even my Mother could not have recognized me because Saka’s face was like Amoeba that I almost laugh when I looked at his face in the D.P.O’s office but I restrained myself so the Monster does not think I was laughing at him.

I looked at the Ladies as they looked us over, I had not seen their faces before and I was sure they j have not seen me before too, I was almost sure the Police had picked us by mistake.

Na them? theD.P.O barked again
No be them! The young Lady replied.

Are you sure? Monster barked again
No be them Molest me sir! She relied, the men wey Molest me big well well, them huge pass these ones.

The older woman interjected and said; D.P.O, I want justice in this case o! Please don’t allow my husband to die in vain o! These men are part of the gang! How else could you explain the fact that the car was found with them? They may not be the ones that raped her but they are involved somehow! They robbed me of all my money and jewelries! They collected two million naira cash from my husband! They gang rapped my daughter, and then they shot my husband in the head and went away with my Car! Ha! D.P.O!

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This wickedness must not go unpunished o!
The woman started to cry and the D.P.O was consoling her.

My whole system failed me, my stomach rumbled violently as my bowels gave way immediately, my large intestine gave out its contents as I defecated and urinated on the spot, I heard Saka mumbling some words in Arabic of some sort.
The reality of our situation just dawned on me.

Na wetin dey smell here? Monster shouted; na who mess? He queried.

One of the armed Robbers don poo for body! See as poo they drop from him pant! The older Woman offered.

Constable! Constable! Monster shouted, banging his fist on the desk.

Sir! I heard someone shouted from outside.

My head became giddy, I felt a sudden lightness and my limbs gave way, I slumped and passed out.

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  • On the third day they were brought out to see the DPO a man whose nose looks like a hippopotamus, and has a protruding stomach that two of the buttons of his uniform were missing.. They were really scared of the mostarous creature..

  • A lady was summoned to look at the two men carefully if they were the ones that raped her in their apartment in Lagos and she said No, they aren’t the ones..

  • Her mum insisted they are part of the robbers maybe the decided not to come in.. Yes these were the men that raped her daughter, collected two million naira from her husband and still short him dead on the fore head.. And went away with their car.. If not how do you explain the car in their possession..

  • It was then the two soldiers have a hint of what they are into. Ojo urinated and defecated in his trouser right there and pass out..

    Oh! Poor Officers..

  • May the Lord vindicate you.. How do you convince them that you actually bought it innocently not knowing it was a stolen one..

    Next episode please..

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