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This Thing Called Valentine – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

This thing called Valentine

This thing called Valentine


Can I ever forget my Valentine’s ordeal ? Will I really be able to let go of that torment within me? Anytime Valentine is approaching my heart skipped, as a replay of what I did in my past keep recurring in my mind.

I’m Rebekkah, a well devoted Christian girl. A strong fan of s£xual purity. I vow to keep my virginity till marriage. By his grace, I kept my promise.


I met Isaac at a prayer conference. We became friends. During the period of friendship, I saw that Isaac upholds s£xual purity more than I do. He is so bent on preaching and practicing it. As a matter of fact he told me he is still a virgin and will keep it till marriage.

He is so pious, he doesn’t miss church activities, he prays and talk scriptures. I was swept off my feet when he said he has confirmed that I am his wife. I didn’t bother to pray, I accepted because he’s God fearing and charming.

** = =FAST-FORWARD = * * * *

We entered into a relationship, for a whole year, Isaac never mistakenly kissed nor touched me, even though he has introduced me to his family and friends. At a point, I asked him if he was impotent, he said no. He said he loves me more than s£x. I became madly in love. Does this kind of man still exist? I was so grateful to God. The bond between us became stronger in my heart.

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