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The Wicked Sister – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5
Trisha: thank God today is our off day
Tina: u am happy but I miss Anita
Trisha: yes I miss her such a cutie .
Tina:( doorbell rings ) get the door
Trisha: no need to fight I will get the door
Tina: better
Trisha: ( opens the door ) mum
Tina: ( goes to the door ) mum what are you doing here
Mrs Isabella : well I am not alone
Tri&Tina : Chris !
Mrs Isabella: he is your boyfriend and husband to be so why are you suprised to see him and another thing don’t give me that look
Trisha: ex boyfriend and no body’s husband except Eva and yes congrats Chris
Chris: baby , my love hear my part of the story and you will find out the truth
Tina: will you shut it the story did you forget to add getting her pregnant . See if you don’t leave I will take
you out the best way
Mrs Annabella : ( comes out of a car and walks to them) Bella how are you ?
Mrs Isabella : I am good but this girls are making me feel so bad
Mrs Annabella : Chris how are you
Chris: I am good but not happy .
Mrs Annabella: Trisha I am here because your mother told me everything you girls your dad’s are in London I had to arrange something before coming here and now we need to talk let’s go in
Mrs Annabella: Chris let’s here your story .
Chris : Eva called me and told me that my baby girl said bad things about me
Trisha: are you mad ? My name is Trisha
Chris : ok . So I called Trisha but she did dnot pick when I wanted to call for the thirtieth time then a call entered I was angry thinking she was ashamed to talk to me I was even wandering if she was the virgin she said she was . I talked to her anyhow and told her the place and time to meet Eva not knowing her identity the next day i as I was talking to Eva in the restaurant when I saw Trisha she was very angry later she accepted me back but I didn’t tell her that when she left I wanted to follow her but Eva stopped me and brought out a gun well I had to do it for my life . That was tested only mistake then maybe six months later she came and told me she was pregnant I couldn’t say anything and Trisha left me I tried to explain but everything I did was in vain I was so very tired and stressed . She didn’t even call me for one day I decided to call mum
Trisha: correction my mum
Chris : stop it with this attitude already stop it!!!
Trisha: ohhh pls if Eva did not come that day you would have disvirgned me then later I will not marry you .
Chris: that doesn’t matter in this case
Trisha: it doesn’t matter the same person you wanted to disvirgin was the person you lied to that you are a saint and you expect me to just tell you that I forgive you and I we should be back together and you put that
filty thing in me
Chris : stop it I said I am sorry isn’t till okay .
Trisha : mum’s your flight is ready and to you Chris the dooris that way
Chris : fine u am leaving
Mrs Annabella : let’s go you made your choice Trisha. Bye ( both leaves)
Chris : I told you that I am sorry isn’t that enough
Tina: get out
Chris: i will take your virginty wether you like it or not.
💐🌻🌹 The wicked sister 💐 🌻🌹

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