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The Wicked Sister – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

Chris: ( rushes down ) why did you shout my name like that
Trisha: explain yourself .
Chris: what is Eva doing here
Trisha:I said explain yourself
Chris: what are you talking about
Trisha: ( slaps chris twice
) are you mad ? You call yourself Mr virgin . I thought of that but my backward brain said I should drop it my brain is now alright . Come to think of it you would have disvirgned me this night without knowing that you are a useless person .( Brings out her phone and calls Tina ) hello Tina
Tina: babe why is your voice like this
Trisha: send me your car I will tell you later .
Tina: ok I have sent a guard to call him but where will he pick you up .
Trisha: burgers and also come I have something to explain .
Tina: i:’m on my way
At burgers
Trisha: that how it happened now she is fucking pregnant
Tina: let’s go home you need to rest .
Trisha: let’s go ( they both leave )
The next day at Tina’s house
Trisha:( doorbell rings ) you have a visitor
Tina: open the door I am coming
Trisha:(opens the door ) Chris
Chris: baby that child is not mine I don’t understand
Trisha:( shuts the door ) get your fucking ass out of this house I am in my room
Tina: who was that
Trisha: the irrelevant person .
Tina: ok .
Trisha: I need to get a job.
Tina: we have companies so what job .
Let’s go into a fun place and start new jobs .
Tina: maybe fun factory
Trisha: perfect let’s go job hunting
Few months later
Tina: ahh the salary here is very little .
Trisha: but this place is fun . let’s go home ( phone rings)one second
. Hi mum
Mrs Isabella : you didn’t tell me that your sister was pregnant she called me and told me that the baby is out .
Trisha: well congrats to her
Mrs Isabella: you are not happy
Trisha: well my ex is the father of her child
Mrs Isabella: you are no longer with Chris
Trisha: yes and pls I don’t want to here any more if this if you want to talk talk about another thing except the
Mrs Isabella : but Chris is you boyfriend and Eva is your sister
Trisha: can you stop it don’t call my number if it is this you want to talk about( cuts the call )
Tina: let me guess your mum
Trisha: let’s go i am tired .


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