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The Wicked Sister – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2
Eva: what
Trisha: you lied to me
Eva: how did you know
Trisha: I called mum and she said that they will be travelling next week
Eva: so that is what you are talking about sorry about that. I forgot
Trisha: better
Eva:( stands up and starts singing) I love your boyfriend , I love your boyfriend
Trisha : what
Eva: sorry I meant I love my boyfriend . I love my boyfriend
Trisha: he must be a very lucky guy
Eva: of course
Trisha : I am going upstairs (stands up and goes upstairs ) what Chris 29 miss calls .( Calls Chris )
Chris:( picks )
Trisha : hello baby I saw your miss call
Chris: trishawhy would you be so so heart less
Trisha; I am confused
Chris: you are pretending someone called
and told me you hated me . That I irritate you and I am stingy
Trisha: believe me I said none of those things
Chris: we are going I a date at Burgers by 12pm tommorow afternoon
Trisha : I am sorry
Chris: don’t say anything more it is over between us I like her and stay away form me( cuts the call)
Next day by 11: 40
Eva: Trisha I am going out I will see you later if you go out make sure you lock the door
Trisha: ok bye
Eva : bye( leaves )
Trisha: thank God
( Goes to the parking lot ) driver driver. Where is this man .( Spots the driver goes to him) driver , driver ( gives him a very hot slap)
Driver : Mrs Isabella . Ohh Trisha
Trisha: noo Mrs Isabella stand up for the floor and take me to burgers now
Driver : ok ma
Trisha: let’s go ( enters and the driver starts the car minutes later they got to burgers she came down
Driver : ma should I wait
Trisha: is that a question wait of course I don’t have your time .enters the restaurant and spots Chris and a girl wearing the same dress as Eva own she goes closer ) EVA.

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