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The Wicked Sister – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

The wicked sister

The wicked sister


This story is about two sisters
Eva and Trisha
Well Eva was the elder one and she hated her sister so much but behaved as if she loved her but did so much things to make her cry but she is always saying it is a mistake .
Trisha is a quiet girl and stays on her own trouble becomes too much for her then she tried committing sucide/ homicide but people are always saving her well her parents travelled and her sister did somethig bad but someone saved her . Do you think she will find happiness in her life or she will waste her life being treated like a dirt until her parents come back .
💐🌻🌹The wicked sister 💐🌻🌹

Eva : tree !!!! Tree!!!!
Trisha : my name is Trisha not tree if you don’t call me Trisha call me tri not tree I mean tri
Eva: am I a baby that you are teaching me how to spell.
Trisha : what do you want
Eva: I want you to get
something for me
Trisha: get it yourself I am busy .
Eva :’ doing what?
Trisha: well I am talking to my boyfriend
Eva: pls tri help me
Trisha : fine what do you want
Eva: I want chicken and shrimp and shawarma .
Trisha: money ?
Eva: use yours
Trisha: I am not going
Eva: ( gives her money) use this to buy it and take your time
Trisha : bye ( leaves)
Eva: good ( goes to eva’s room check the last caller and saves the number )hello
Chris: Chris speaking
Eva: Mr Chris I love you so much and I want to date you pls give me a chance
Chris: I have a girlfriend . And I don’t know your name .
Eva: there is no need to know my name but I want you to know that your girlfriend Trisha hates you she said you are stingy , irritating and you are dumb and I suit you why don’t we meet at Burgers and I will tell you more
Chris: it’s a date but how do you know ow so much
Eva: when the time comes you will know .
Chris: ok bye ( cuts the call )
Eva: yes good I got her boyfriend let me wait for my food and celebrate ( goes downstairs then she hears a knock ) thank God just in time . Welcome Trisha
Trisha: save your greetings
Eva: what did I do wrong Trisha
Trisha: you think I am dumb I know what you did
Eva: what
💐🌻🌹The wicked sister 💐🌻🌹

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