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The Wealthy Couple – Season 3 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode five


Aaron continued to play with her pussy, expertly circling and teasing her clit which put her on fire. She was now continually moaning and when the black man used his other hand to push between her shoulders she bent forward over the vibrating machine.

Then it was there. Something thick and long was being run over her wet pussy which excited her even more. She knew what it was and the significance of what was occurring but without prodding she spread her feet several more inches and raised her ass in invitation. The black man smiled at her wanton display thinking about how good her pussy was going to feel.

Aaron had a full, circumcised head the size of a plum that he now pushed between her lips. Back and forth he moved until he found the split that was her opening. He toyed with it, flexing forward and letting it begin to penetrate then backing off until he had the young wife searching for a connection.

“Ohhh…ohhh…mmmmmm…” Cassie whined when he pushed the head fully inside. Her hands gripped the sides of the machine but, ever so slightly, Aaron felt her push against him.

It felt so different to both of them. For Cassie, there was a wonderful feeling of fullness while Aaron’ cock had never experienced such a tight fit. There was some discomfort for her as she stretched but Aaron gave her time and it quickly vanished.

“Gonna feed you now.” The black man announced.

He started slowly, with shallow thrusts that at first were difficult until her pussy bathed him in lubrication. On the sixth stroke, he slid halfway in and by the tenth he was balls deep. Aaron had never felt anything so snug, hot and wet. She was his first white girl and he thought he had hit the jackpot. He stood still to savor her for a moment while listening to the low, passionate whine she was making.

Then, he started fucking her. Deep with a steady rhythm that made her soft whines turn to grunts and loud groans. When she tried to turn her head to look at him, Aaron put his hand on her neck and pushed her head down so she wouldn’t upset the angle of their connection. It wasn’t long before her pussy started to make a slurping sound and he knew he had busted her open.

The feeling was more complete and intense that anything Cassie had ever experienced. She silently cursed Janet for putting the bug in her ear about large cocks but now she knew that her friend had been telling the truth. The fact that Aaron was mercilessly fucking her only added to the intensity of her arousal as it was new and so different than what she was used to. She knew she was going to orgasm and she knew it would be way different.

With Aaron holding her head, she was forced front down on the machine. She realized if she held her body just right she could let her nipples just graze the lid of the vibrating machine. It was all so naughty, so dirty, a black man taking her from behind while a machine played with her nipples. But, it all started to come together and then like a freight train traveling 80 mph it hit.

“Ohhh…Oh God…Oh yes…Ohhh…Ohhh…Do It…Do It…” She cried out as an intense wave swept through her body and suddenly she was floating, drifting away into space.

Aaron had to hold her up after her climax and decided to take her to bed to finish. Cassie came back to consciousness to find herself on her back with her legs hooked over her lover’s black arms. In this position she was spread obscenely open and she could watch his large cock sliding into her drenched opening.

The first thing she noticed was that it was coal black. When Aaron pulled back it seemed to go on forever without reaching the end. His cock was at least as long and thick as what Janet had described and there were prominent veins running along the top that John’s didn’t have. There was a sound in the room that she realized was her voice responding to each thrust.

“You like this black thing?” Aaron asked. He was raised on his arms and looking directly down at Cassie with sweat dripping from his body.

Cassie didn’t know what to say so she just nodded quickly which brought a smile to the black man.

“You fucked a brotha before?” He asked. Cassie shook her head no but it wasn’t enough for him. “Damn, woman speak up.”

“No.” She forced out between grunts.

“Good. Going to give dis pussy its first black nut.” He replied with a huge grin.

They fucked in silence for several minutes and Cassie could feel a fluttering sensation that started in her tummy and began to spread that let her know she was on the path towards another climax. Her sounds became more pronounced and her hands which had been on his biceps moved to his shoulders.

“You ready to go again, girl?” The black man asked.

“Yeah.” She gasped.

Cassie’s clit felt tight, like a guitar string, and each thrust from Aaron was plucking it. Just a bit more…a bit more she thought trying to will her release but, just like before, when it arrived it came in a flood that took control.

“Ohhh…Again…Again…It’s Happening Again..OH GOD YES!” She screamed as her body began to spasm beneath her powerful lover.

The last thing she remembered was the cries coming from Aaron and the throbbing feeling in his cock as he filled her with his semen.

“What the hell is going on?” Janet asked Aaron as she stood in the doorway of the bedroom and looked down at Cassie who was asleep with a thin sheet covering her only from the knees down.

Ryan was there too looking at the beautiful white girl with her glistening mound swollen from the workout it had received. Janet pushed the two men outside and closed the door.

“Did you rape her?” She said looking at Aaron with an angry expression.

“No…no, ma’am. She wanted it…bad.” He replied.

“How many time you fuck her?” Ryan asked.

“Twice.” Aaron replied before Janet could stop him.

Janet had Aaron tell her everything that had happened. He started with Cassie at the door soaking wet and ended with Janet waking him as he slept next to the white girl. In between, he left nothing out which put a smile on Ryan’s face.

“What ya going to do?” Ryan asked the supervisor.

“Nothing. Let her sleep. She’s finally been put to bed.” She said.


The end……………………………….

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