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The Wealthy Couple – Season 3 Episode 4

Episode four


“You need to get out of dem wet things are you going to freeze to death.” Aaron stated in an uneducated voice. With that, he turned and went down the hall returning a few seconds later with a t-shirt in his hand.

“Go to that bathroom and change in to this and we can dry da things real quick.” He suggested. He was hoping that in her state she wouldn’t realize how little he was offering.

Cassie allowed herself to be directed to the bathroom where Aaron found a fresh towel in a cupboard then closed the door as he left. In her state, it took her almost five minutes to undress. Then, she used the towel to dry her body and squeeze as much moisture from her hair as possible before she slipped on the shirt. It came barely to mid-thigh and she knew she would have to be careful if she didn’t want to put on a show.

“Oh. Thank you.” Cassie said when she emerged from the bathroom and found Aaron standing with a big mug of coffee.

She let him take her things and although nervous about the undergarments, she realized she had no alternative. Shortly, she could hear the dryer starting. What she didn’t know was the quick but thorough inspection Aaron had made of her things including inhaling deeply from the crotch of her panties. Even wet, it was a sweet aroma and his mind went to her near naked body just outside the door.

“How da coffee? The things won’t take too much time.” He said when he came back.

Aaron sat at one end of the threadbare couch and directed Cassie to sit at the other. It was difficult for her to sit without making the shirt ride up and she tugged at it repeatedly trying to increase her comfort. The black man enjoyed the show and he felt his cock start to stir involuntarily which made it move in his shorts. Cassie saw it and it was only when she looked up and saw him smiling at her that she realized she had been caught.

Down the hall, Janet was now getting fucked hard and her cries were coming fast, nasty and loud. Cassie couldn’t help but think about the size of Ryan’s penis and what it must feel like to be moving into her friend at such a torrid pace. The thought made her shiver and when it passed she realized something else – she was getting wet.

She flashed to the evening when Frank had fondled her causing the unwanted reaction that had sprung from her body. Her mind had fought with it and rationalized it was a combination of fear and alcohol that had elicited the response. Now, it was happening again although this situation was much more basic. She wasn’t in a fancy home drinking fine liquor. Instead, she was in a home under state supervision, half naked with an out of work black man.

Cassie squeezed her legs tightly together to try and make the feeling go away but it only resulted in making it stronger. Then, she squirmed trying to find a better position making sure to hold the end of the shirt tightly so it wouldn’t move up. Looking at Aaron, she found him staring at her with a look – a knowing look that made her think he was completely aware of her condition. However, rather than becoming frightened, she felt her nipples suddenly become erect. The thin t-shirt couldn’t hide her nubs and she watched as a smile appeared on the black man’s face.

“I’ll check on the clothes.” She announced and jumped to her feet.

She needed the movement as a form of relief and she walked quickly to the small laundry room where her clothes were being dried. She had decided that she would put them on if they were even reasonably dry but when she bent down and opened the door she was disappointed to find everything was still quite wet.

With the sound of his footsteps masked by the dryer, black legs suddenly appeared in her peripheral vision and she realized that Aaron had followed her into the room. It seemed like eternity to Cassie but was probably only several seconds that they both stayed quietly in place before the young wife stood, while continuing to face the dryer. A ringing sound started in her ears and her vision became tunneled as she stared straight ahead. She knew what was coming but, despite what her brain screamed, her feet refused to move.

Then she felt it. It was his fingers on the back of her thigh just at the bottom of the t-shirt. His touch made her pussy begin to throb and a small involuntary whimper escaped her mouth. She had expected him to be rough but his strokes were gentle, almost teasing, even when he pulled her shirt up and put both hands on her ass.

Cassie’s breathing became labored and she was practically shaking in fear and excitement, but still she could not make herself move. The black man kicked the inside of her foot with his and instinctively she knew she was being told to spread her legs. There was only a second of hesitation but in that second she abandoned all idea of flight.

“Ohhh…” Came her groan of arousal when she felt his fingers trace the length of her shaved slit.

“Yeah baby that’s right.” Her black seducer answered.

“Uhhh…mmm…ohhh…” She whined seconds later when his fingers parted her folds and found her soaked and ready.

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