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The Wealthy Couple – Season 3 Episode 3

Episode three


“You mean the young, beautiful and wholesome Cassie wasn’t ready to fuck?” She asked while reaching over and squeezing her husband’s heavy cock.

“It will take some work but you know I like a challenge.” He replied.

It was five days before Frank made the first call. During that time, neither John or Cassie had shared what had taken place. Cassie, not recognizing the number, answered and there followed a very strained and awkward discussion that lasted several minutes before she was able to beg off. Frank, leaned back in his chair and broke out in a smile. He knew she was going to be a challenge but, that’s what made life fun.

Every other week, Cassie left Janet at Ranisha’s house and drove the car to a small coffee shop several miles away where she would busy herself with paperwork while giving her trainer a couple of hours to play. Ranisha’s house was on the schedule for the day and they arrived just after noon. The sky had been darkening for the last hour with storm clouds that indicated rain was imminent.

“Ranisha’s doing well don’t you think?” Cassie said to Janet. It was intended as a bit of a poke at her since there was really no reason for there to be an open case on the mother and children.

“We’ll just check quick then you can get our paperwork done.” The supervisor poked back.

They were in the house for about five minutes when the sound of thunder became loud and the rain began. Inspecting the house, they found Ryan watching TV with another man that was introduced as his cousin Aaron. Aaron looked to be a few years younger than Ryan but like him was over six feet with a large chest. Unlike Ryan who was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt, his cousin had on a t-shirt and thin workout shorts that displayed a large bulge. Tattoos were prominent on both his arms but the quality was so poor it was impossible to distinguish the art. Janet had to fight back a smile when she caught Cassie stealing a peak.

Soon, they were done and Cassie moved towards the door intending to bolt quickly for the car. Outside, the rain wasn’t too bad so she made it to the car without much damage and began fumbling for the keys, finally realizing that she had forgotten to get them from Janet. Not wanting to disturb the fun, she stood next to the car for several minutes rationalizing that she would just wait there until Janet emerged. It was a ridiculous decision and over the next fifteen minutes the rain increased and the temperature fell leaving her soaked and shivering uncontrollably. Finally concluding that she couldn’t stay there, she sloshed her way back to the house and knocked on the door lightly.

“Damn girl.” Aaron exclaimed when he opened the door and saw the young wife drenched with her knee length dress sticking to her body providing a clear outline of her bra and panties. “Get in here.”

The black man took her arm and pulled her inside towards the tiled floor in the kitchen. Ranisha peaked out from her bedroom and stared for several seconds then her head disappeared leaving them alone. Further down the hall, the sound of bed springs squeaking could be heard but the noise level indicated a slow pace.

“I’m so cold.” Cassie forced out through chattering teeth.

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