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The Wealthy Couple – Season 3 Episode 2

Episode two


“Cassie, I want you to know that you can think of me as your close friend. I think it would be nice if we spent some time together getting to know each other.” He spoke softly to her while his hand drifted to her ass.

Even with this move, the warning bells were slow to go off. The combination of his charm and the alcohol had lulled her into a feeling of trust. It was only when he gently squeezed, feeling the firm muscles in her ass, that the she finally grasped the significance.

“Uh…Frank. I think you should stop.” She forced out while she tried to move his hand away with hers.

“I don’t want to stop. It feels too damn good.” He replied and in his eyes she could see a hunger that scared her.

Cassie tried to twist away but he was too strong and her movements only resulted in her getting closer to him until her hip was pulled against his crotch. She could feel his bulge and knew that he was partially aroused. She thought about calling for her husband but didn’t want to create a scene, especially with his new boss.

“Please…” She begged the older man.

Frank was a predator and new when his prey was vulnerable. He lifted his other hand and let his fingers trace the skin next to the fabric covering her breasts. Down her barely exposed cleavage he moved feeling her body tense.

“Tell me your cell number and I’ll let you go.” He offered.

“Why?” She was able to choke out. It would have been easier to tell him and make this end but she still had her decency and some defiance.

“So we can talk.” He answered while his fingertips continued the teasing.

She knew what he was after and she knew it was insane to give him her number. However, at that moment, she suddenly became aware of something else, something unexpected – she felt her nipples starting to get stiff.

The young wife blurted out her number quickly and Frank had to get her to tell him again more slowly. Even with that, he held her for several more seconds, fondling her ass, until he finally let her go.

Cassie was sitting on the sofa while Frank stood at the bar when John and Sylvia returned. She had been able to compose herself so there was no indication anything unseemly had occurred. Likewise, John had calmed and showed no outward signs of distress. Frank talked them into a nightcap that took thirty minutes to finish and then the couple left. The ride home was quiet as both husband and wife contemplated what had occurred.


“How did you do with young John?” Frank asked his wife once the door was closed.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll have him in bed before long.” She giggled.

“I have a tougher putt.” He offered.

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