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The Wealthy Couple – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 5]

The wealthy couple

The Wealthy Couple

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Story Title: The Wealthy Couple

Episodes: 5

Category: Romance, Erotic

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Episode one

“The kids are at college so we have the place to ourselves.” She announced with a sweep of her hand.

It was a beautiful home and Cassie was only too happy to get the grand tour while the men moved to the bar. From room to room they went with Sylvia holding her hand while she described what her intent had been with the furnishings. While it wasn’t necessarily what she would have selected, she did acknowledge the good taste of the older woman.

When they returned to the bar, Frank had champagne poured for them and together they toasted their new friendship. Their hosts were thoroughly charming and an excellent meal was delivered by servants to the dining room which they enjoyed, then moved back to the bar to relax with a digestif. Cassie felt it was easily the best evening they had experienced since their arrival in Mobile.

What the young couple didn’t realize was that they were being set up. The older couple had plans for seduction and, with the trap now set, they were ready to move forward.

“John, why don’t you let me show you the house.” Sylvia asked her male guest.

John really wasn’t interested in such things but he thought she must feel pride in her home and he should be accommodating. Together, they left the room and Sylvia led them to the far end of the large house. After making a point of showing the young husband several paintings, she stepped into a dimly lit room and turned to face him.

“I’m so glad you came.” The seductress purred while taking his hand in hers.

At first, John thought that he was just dealing with the peculiarities of southern hospitality but when the woman brought his hand to her breasts he realized it was something different.

“Uhhh…Sylvia…” He stammered.

“It’s okay John. Just relax.” She spoke softly to him. Then, after a short pause, she added. “You know you can have me anytime you want.”

“Well I’m married and…and…what about Frank?” John replied. Despite being very handsome, he had never been in a situation remotely like this.

“Well, we won’t tell her and Frank won’t care.” She explained.

As she spoke, her other hands reached between his legs and with her fingertips, she found his balls. With a very light and experienced touch, she lifted them gently though his clothes. Now balanced on her fingertips, she softly moved them and was pleased when his pants began to tent.

“I…I think we should get back.” He gasped.

“First feel how hard my nipple is.” Sylvia commanded. She took his hand and brought it through the opening in her dress until his palm covered her breast. “Pinch it but not too hard.”

John did what he was told which brought a deep sigh from the hostess. With that, he pulled away and moved until he was several steps away.

“Let’s go back.” He said with his words coming out like a plea.

“Here, hold my hand. We don’t want to seem guilty.” She instructed.

However, rather than rush back, she continued with the tour which took another fifteen minutes. She felt it had been a good start and that with more seduction over the next several weeks she would bed him.

As soon as his wife had left with John, Frank had moved next to Cassie at the bar. He freshened her drink, ignoring her plea that she had already had too much. Frank asked questions about her upbringing and background to get her settled in and give his wife time to take John away.

“You are an outstanding addition to our city.” Frank toasted the Cassie once he knew that her husband was out of earshot.

“Why, thank you.” She responded missing the fact that the compliment was directed only towards her.

“And, I must say, a very beautiful addition.” He added.

As he spoke, he moved his hand to the small of her back but Cassie had grown so comfortable with him that at first it didn’t register with her as a threat.

“Thank you again.” She answered with a small laugh.

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