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The Wealthy Couple – Season 2 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode five


“Nothing girl. Let’s get some food.” She replied hoping to change the subject.

“Janet. Don’t act like that. Tell me what you’re thinking.” She asked, now very curious.

Janet tried to think of a gentle way of telling her but in the end she just blurted out. “Honey, that’s pretty small.”

Instantly, Cassie’s face turned to disappointment which made Janet feel even worse. Several seconds of awkward silence were broken when she said. “It’s just fine for me.”

They ordered their food and tried to chat about other things but it was clear Cassie had something on her mind. When they had finished eating, she took a deep breath to summon her courage and spoke.

“What’s normal? I mean what’s average?” She asked.

“A bit larger. What about other men you’ve been with?” Janet responded.

“I’ve only been with John.” She answered.

“Mercy girl. That thing won’t wear out.” She replied instantly mad at herself for the flippant answer.

“Well a little bit of size is not a big deal.” Cassie stated ignoring Janet’s comment.

“Honey, a little bit gets you to average but there are plenty of cocks out there much bigger.” She explained.

“How…how…uhhh…how big?” The young wife stammered as her face and neck turned crimson.

“Ryan’s about this.” She replied and, much like Cassie, she used her hands to describe a cock of 8 1/2″ by 2″ proportions.

The pretty young wife accepted the description without comment and both women let the conversation move to less charged subjects.

John’s boss on the development was Frank Bettencourt a wealthy self-made man from the area that would do whatever it took to get what he wanted. As a result, he was both respected and feared by almost everyone. He could be a complete asshole one minute and utterly charming the next. He and his wife Sylvia lived on a nice estate in one of the oldest and most prestigious sections of the city.

As soon as he had received John’s name from the bank, he had his people do a quick but thorough background check. He was surprised by what he found both admiring John’s tenacity and thinking his wealth and connection might prove useful at some point. The material also had information on Cassie. There was no question she was a rare beauty and he wondered how her husband could let her mess with the dregs of society in her social worker job. Maybe there was something he could do there too at the right time.

Attitude and persistence are key characteristics in the successful approach to any task and John was loaded with both. In just a few weeks, he had things at work well in hand with a solid plan. His results didn’t go unnoticed by Frank who was quite impressed by the young man.

“Mr. Howard? This is Mr. Bettencourt’s office phoning. Mr. Bettencourt wanted to see if you and your wife would be available for dinner at their home this Friday.” The voice of a young woman with a slow, southern drawl soaked in syrup came through the phone.

“Honey, you look unbelievable.” John said to his wife as she stepped into the living room. They had accepted the invitation for dinner and were just finishing getting ready.

“Do you really think so?” She asked with questioning eyes. She had on a knee length black dress that was fashionably snug. With it she was wearing low heels and pearls John’s grandmother had given her as a wedding present.

“I do! We better get going.” He replied.

Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the sweeping driveway stopping just past the front door and were met by Frank who had a beaming smile while holding a half-full tumbler of whiskey. Cassie thought he looked to be in his mid to late forties and was in good shape. He was about the Ryane height as John but twenty pounds heavier with a full head of dark hair that was just beginning to gray at the temples.

“Welcome!’ He stated loudly.

He fawned on Cassie but did so in a respectful and charming way that made her think about the life they had left behind. Inside, they met Sylvia who appeared to be a few years younger than her husband. She had a slender build like Cassie but was an inch or so shorter and had blonde hair. Cassie thought she might have had breast work done as they looked too full for her age but if so, it had been good work.

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