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The Wealthy Couple – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode four

Janet quit lording it over her trainee and started treating her as an equal while Cassie became less intimidated and was able to share things more freely. In fact, people in the office, seeing the difference that developed over several weeks, began to refer to them as “friends”.

One Friday, stopping for a late lunch and feeling relaxed about the upcoming weekend, Janet broached the subject of sex with Cassie again. This time, her words weren’t pointed or barbed. Rather, they were asked out of curiosity in a manner any woman might follow.

“How are things in bed with you and John?” The black woman asked.

“Ssshhh…Janet. Someone might hear. Anyway, I’m not going to answer.” Cassie replied with just a hint of a smile.

“Come on. Tell me what white sex is like.” She prodded.

“I’m sure it’s exactly the Ryane.” She answered in a whisper while rolling her eyes. The fact that they could talk this way was a testament to how far their relationship had come from its rocky start.

“Is he big? Does he put you to bed?” Janet continued unaffected by Cassie’s discomfort.

“Put me to bed?” She asked ignoring the first part of the question.

“Yeah, when y’all are done are you passed out?” She explained.

“No.” The young wife replied in a way that let Janet know she was both confused and curious.

Cassie thought about their post-coital routine. Usually, she would go to the bathroom and freshen up. Sometimes John would too or he might just go to sleep. Certainly, she had never passed out from sex.

“How big is he?” She asked again.

“Janet, you’re crazy…” She started to protest but she was interrupted.

“Come on Cassie. Tell me now.” She pushed.

Cassie, looked around the room and, satisfied no one was paying attention to their conversation, used her hands to show a length of about five inches.

“How thick? How big around?’ Janet quickly asked now that she had her giving up information.

Again, using her hands, Cassie signaled that her husband’s shaft was about 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

“Okay then.” Janet said and picked up the menu.

“What?” Cassie responded somewhat perturbed that after allowing herself to be goaded into sharing intimate information her colleague had suddenly dropped the subject.

Janet liked Cassie and didn’t want to embarrass her, so she didn’t want to have to explain that her tall, good looking husband was under endowed. What a pity she thought. From the pictures she had seen, she knew he was very handsome and there was no question he doted on his wife. If he would just have had a bit more, she would have accepted Cassie’s view that he was the perfect man.

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