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The Wealthy Couple – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode two


“I need to go back in and talk to Ranisha.” Janet said to Cassie after they had returned to the car. “You just wait out here.”

It seemed a bit odd to Cassie as nothing like this had occurred before but she just nodded and watched as Janet flipped on the radio for her to listen to then left the vehicle and went back into the house. Cassie pulled out several files and busied herself with catching up on some paperwork while she waited. She was almost finished when she glanced at her watch and realized that almost twenty minutes had passed since Janet left. When ten more minutes had passed and there was still no sign of her co-worker, Cassie nervously left the vehicle and approached the door.

“What’s you want?” Ranisha asked through the slightly opened front door.

“I…I need to speak with Janet.” She answered.

“She busy right…” The young mother started to say but at that moment there was a noise further in the house that made her stop, then look at Cassie anxiously.

“Open the door, let me in.” Cassie demanded. She thought about calling for the police but some kind of partner solidarity kicked in and she felt she need to act immediately.

The force of her words made the black girl back away and Cassie found herself moving swiftly down the hallway towards the source of the sound. Nearing the end, she came to a dead stop outside a closed bedroom door with Ranisha right behind her.

“OH FUCK…HIT IT…HIT IT…FUCK THIS OLD PUSSY!” She heard Janet’s voice screeching and the incessant sound of squeaking bedsprings. Just for an instant, she thought maybe her trainer was being sexually assaulted but the sounds made it clear that she was a more than willing participant.

“Move that fat ass, bitch.” Came the cry from a male voice that Cassie knew was Ranisha’s brother, Ryan. Dumbfounded, she stood still for several more seconds, listening to the mating until she felt her entire body blush. She rushed past Ranisha, noticing her strange grin, and fled to the safe confines of the car.

Cassie was forcing herself to work through more paperwork when about thirty minutes later the front door opened and Janet appeared. As soon as she entered the car, Cassie’s sense of smell was assaulted with what she knew was a combination of sweat and sex.

“Don’t you worry about it.” The supervisor told her charge as she settled into the seat then turned the ignition. All Cassie could think of to do was nod her head as she kept pretending to study the papers.

The rest of the day was very tense with little talk. On the drive home, Cassie thought about telling her husband what had occurred but decided to keep it to herself for the time being. She rationalized that it would only cause him to worry and he might press her to quit her job. It wasn’t something she wanted to deal with since John was enjoying learning about real estate and was very proud they were making it on their own.

The next morning, Janet drove them directly to a small diner as soon as they left the office. Inside, she directed Cassie to a back booth and after ordering coffee the conversation started.

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