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The Wealthy Couple – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 5]

The wealthy couple

The Wealthy Couple

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Story Title: The Wealthy Couple

Episodes: 5

Category: Romance, Erotic

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Episode one

Twenty minutes later a squad car pulled alongside their vehicle and two officers emerged – an older white man that was overweight and a thirty something black man that was tall and in reasonably good shape. Both men made no attempt to hide the once over they gave Cassie when they got out of the car.

“Who’s your new girl, Janet?” The white man asked.

“This here is Cassie she just started.” She explained.

“What you got?” The black officer asked and Janet explained in detail what she had seen and where it was located in the trailer.

“Okay, let us take a look.” He replied and the two men headed towards the door.

Fifteen minutes later they emerged carrying a bag and leading the handcuffed young black mother towards their squad car. As soon as they walked by, Janet moved towards the trailer with Cassie in close pursuit. They gathered the three kids along with a few personal items, took them to the car, and left after rigging up child seats that were pulled from the trunk.

That night Cassie described to John the events of the day and they discussed how different the world felt in just the short time they had been in Mobile. It was eye opening for them and, although it was tragic to see a mother being taken to jail, they knew it was a learning experience.

“I have some news too.” John announced when Cassie had finished telling about her day.

“Tell me.” She prodded. The grin on her husband’s face made her think it would be good news.

“I decided to attend a local civic club luncheon today and I just decided to introduce myself to anyone that would listen. One of the people I met was an officer of a bank here in town and when I told him I was looking for something to do he said one of his clients might need some help on a real estate development. I’m to have lunch with the two of them tomorrow.” He explained.

“That’s excellent news!” She declared.

“I’m so antsy to get going and something like this would give me a chance to meet people.” He responded.

The following day seemed to drag by for Cassie as she was eager to get home and hear how John’s meeting had gone. Fortunately, it had been uneventful and after spending the final three hours in the office doing paperwork, she jumped in her car and pointed it towards home. When she pulled up, she could see her husband on a chair on the porch with a bottle of wine and she knew it was good news.

“Tell me about it.” She demanded as John handed her a glass.

“I start Monday. It’s not huge. Just a little under $4 million. But I will be the point person on the project. I’m very excited.” He answered with a huge smile.


“Congratulations my dear!” Cassie said as they toasted.

The young couple sat on the porch discussing John’s opportunity and drinking wine until well after dark. Finally, with both pleasantly drunk, they beat a path to the bedroom and after fumbling to get each other’s clothes off and laughing the whole time, they jumped onto the high bed and quickly embraced. Their lovemaking continued long into the night and John was pleasantly surprised when Cassie woke him after he had drifted off and climbed on to him.

Now that both were working, the anxiety level vanished and with John’s salary they were able to achieve a more-or-less break even status with their finances. The next several weeks went by quickly as they worked and late fall and hints of winter started to creep into their Gulf Coast home.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and Janet and Cassie had just finished inspecting a household of a young mother with two kids. The house, which was shared by the mother’s out of work brother, had been pleasantly well kept and the kids, as confirmed by the school, were attending as required.

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