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The Wealthy Couple – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode five


“Okay. I’m going to write up the report clean but you need to get to work on this house. It’s a pig’s house. Next time if it ain’t clean we’re going to take these kids.” Janet told her.

“Okay Ms. Janet.” The young mom said as they moved to the door.

They made two more stops that afternoon with both being very similar to the events of the first. Cassie was impressed with the easy way her supervisor interacted with the people and dealt with their issues. She wondered, with great doubt, whether she would ever be able to be so relaxed.

“We’re going out first thing in the morning so be on time and wear some better clothes.” Janet instructed her new trainee when they arrived back at the office.

At home, Cassie explained to her husband what had taken place and together they discussed the positives and negatives of the job. Cassie liked that she was helping people and viewed it in the Ryane vein as her prior non-profit work. Both of them had some concern about the potential danger, but Cassie felt Janet would be a good teacher.

When they met in the office the next morning, Janet was pleased to see that Cassie had dressed down. She was wearing a simple dress that extended below her knees and had a high collar along with a pair of “practical shoes”. The loose fit masked her shapely body although her facial beauty was still there. Janet knew there wasn’t much she could do about that so, after pouring some coffee in a styrofoam cup, she directed Cassie towards the car.

All morning they made calls which were about a 50/50 mix of black and white households. In most cases, the father was absent from the family, there were multiple children and a young mother with no job. They would check on the welfare of the children or confirm they were going to school if they were old enough, direct the mother to take action if something was amiss, then move on to the next case.

They had just got in the car after leaving a trailer house that had been there first stop after lunch when Janet took her cell phone and called the office.

“Bryan, we need the police out to 45 Shady Lane. There’s drugs in the house.” She heard the black woman say into the phone. Then after a pause she answered to Bryan. “Yes, that’s right. Paula Henry.”

When she finished Janet turned to Cassie and said. “You missed it.”

“Missed what?” Cassie asked.

“There was a pipe on the back table behind some soda cans.” She explained.

“Pipe?” Cassie asked feeling foolish as she did so.

“Yes, Ms. Priss. For smoking meth or crack. You do know what that is don’t you?” She replied in an irritated voice.

“What’s going to happen?” Cassie was very interested to understand what would take place but was still nervous about Janet’s scolding.

“Police are going to come, search the place and probably make an arrest. We will take the kids into protective custody.” She explained.


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