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The Wealthy Couple – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode four


The young couple celebrated that weekend by splurging on a night out at an Italian restaurant followed by a night of lovemaking. John was thrilled when Cassie used her fingernails to tease his dick to a second erection after he had cum then climbed onto him and rode him while he played with her breasts until she had a nice orgasm. The couple was finding that with less demands on their time they were together much more. It translated to their lovemaking too, as they were now doing it four or five times a week instead of the two to three times they were used to in the city. John was pleased that Cassie was becoming more relaxed in bed and her sighs and moans were now more pronounced, giving him verbal clues as to what she liked. They were even experimenting with different positions! There was still a long way to go but nonetheless it felt to him like progress.

On Monday, Cassie was introduced to Janet her trainer and supervisor. She was an early 40’s black woman that was several inches shorter than Cassie and much heavier. Janet gauged her new charge with a look of confusion then led her into a small conference room where she explained the work they did and what was expected of her. Just before lunch, she finished and gave Cassie another once over.

“Girly, we will be going out to the field almost every day. You can’t be wearing clothes like you stepped out of Cosmo or you’ll have all the men horny. Hell looking at you they going to be horny enough anyway.” She said in her thick, southern black accent.

Cassie had no idea how to respond so she just stood quietly and stared. After lunch, they climbed into one of the government cars and headed into the field. Their job was to check on the condition of children where a parent was receiving government assistance or where a court had applied a condition on the household. The “field”, in their world, was typically homes and apartments in the poorer neighborhoods. After a twenty minute drive, the car pulled into a rundown trailer park littered with trash and broken down cars.

“J what’s this bitch doin here?” A disheveled young black woman asked after opening the door of the trailer in response to their knocking. At her side, were two young children that Cassie guessed were two or three.

“Her name is Cassie and don’t be calling her a bitch. She works with me now.” Janet explained matter-of-factly.

The door was opened and the two social workers entered the mobile home. Cassie was shocked at the mess inside. It looked to her like it had been intentionally trashed with fast food wrappers littering the floor and stacks of soft drink cans on various surfaces. There was a foul smell too and she guessed no one had made an effort to clean in a very long time.

“Where’s Davonte?” Janet asked.

“He’s sleeping.” The young woman answered and nodded towards the hall. Cassie followed Janet as she went towards the back and, looking over her shoulder through the bedroom doorway, saw an infant curled up sleeping on an unmade bed.

“John not coming around now is he?” Janet asked when they returned to the front.

“Nah. I ain’t seen him in a while.” She answered.

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