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The Wealthy Couple – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode three


“I don’t even know where to start but I guess that’s part of the adventure.” Cassie replied. Her words caused him to cringe a bit. He knew how much she had sacrificed for his idea and he wanted her to enjoy it too.

“You’re wonderful for doing this.” He said smiling and looking into her brown eyes.

“It will be fun.” She said wanting to maintain a positive attitude.

In reality, she loved her husband very much and wanted to have a strong and lasting bond with him. The money had never been a motivation for her even though her friends liked to tease her about “bagging the elephant”. To her it was much more about his honest and caring ways and the fact she found him very handsome. At 6’1″ tall with a medium build, black wavy hair and a killer smile she had been drawn to him instantly. Of course, other women were as well but, once they connected, he had completely ignored them and gave her all his attention.

John noticed Cassie’s smiling at him then watched as she took a drink from her glass and looked over the rim at him with playful eyes. John knew that look. It was her way of saying she was up for lovemaking. Cassie was a willing and at times passionate lover but rarely took the initiative in starting sex. She preferred to drop hints, like she was doing now, and wait for John to make the first move. John had certainly had wilder sex before he met Cassie and he had hopes that she would loosen up as she got older but, none of his prior conquests were as emotionally fulfilling as his wife.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that she was stunningly beautiful. At 5’7″ tall and a slender 126 pounds she had a model like body. Her hair was a soft, light brown color that fell just over her shoulders and her eyes were a very dark brown that seemed to draw you in. She had a wonderful pure complexion and, when she had been in the sun light, freckles would appear on her cheeks. John loved her B-cup breasts that stood high on her chest with tiny pink nipples that pointed upward. But, he felt her best feature was her long perfectly proportioned legs that transitioned into a butt that was toned from her bi-weekly workouts. Even with her great looks, men usually treated her with the utmost respect due to her charming nature. There had been a few times he had had to subtlety intervene but it was quite rare.

Later, with the bedroom windows open and a gentle breeze blowing in, John made love to his wife reveling in the feeling of her body and the soft purrs of arousal that his movements brought forth. He tried to wait for her, to let her climax, but she didn’t seem to be progressing and he was unable to fight the soft milking of his dick by her folds. With a series of grunts, he emptied into his wife then collapsed on her nuzzling his lips against her soft neck. Cassie stroked his hair until he rolled off and within minutes John was asleep.

Cassie stayed up a little longer after cleaning up in the bathroom. They had discussed starting a family and John had even stated he wanted five children. Cassie was more in favor of two or three but was willing to fulfill his desires. Now though, she wondered when they would be in a position for her to get pregnant.

Cassie actually found a job first. In just three weeks, she had applied then interviewed for a position as a state social worker in the Mobile regional office. Of course, there had been lots of curiosity about her background and how she had ended up in Alabama from her prestigious East Coast University but, she was able to convince the interviewer she was sincere about the role. She was to be paired with a senior member of the staff for a four month training and probation period starting the following Monday.

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