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The Wealthy Couple – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]

The wealthy couple

The Wealthy Couple

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Story Title: The Wealthy Couple

Episodes: 5

Category: Romance, Erotic

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Two young beautiful newly married couples who happens to be very rich due to their family’s wealth decides to move to new place and start from scratch without their family’s money.

Episode one

As she drove home from work, Cassie reflected for the hundredth time on the phone call she had gotten from her husband. His tone was solemn as he announced that his young wife had nothing scheduled for the evening and would be ready for a serious discussion. Despite her questioning, she was unable to elicit any additional information from him, and she spent the remainder of the afternoon nervous and worried. She couldn’t think of something she’d done wrong, or even anything she’d overlooked, but her mind had started to wander with all sorts of crazy ideas due to the lack of knowledge. Was it true that her husband was having an affair? Was he looking for a divorce?

Cassie Anne Kragthorpe and John Patrick Howard had married two years before in a lavish and costly ceremony. The Howard family was well-to-do and one of the social elite in the community they called home on the east coast. The Kragthorpes were from the Midwest and didn’t have the Ryane pedigree as Cassie, but she was a stunning beauty who was also really sweet and kind. Not only had she easily won over her husband, but also his family. They bought a nice house in one of the nicer neighborhoods right away and quickly established themselves in the social scene.

They would often chair fund-raising activities as a couple, and their image would frequently appear in the society section of the local paper due to their good looks.

Cassie entered their home with great trepidation, pulling into the circular driveway behind her husband’s car and finding John seated on a sofa with a tumbler of whiskey.

“Is everything all right, John?” With a concerned expression on her face, she inquired.

“Yes, everything is in working order. What is the reason for this?” John responded with a puzzled expression.

“Your phone call today was unusual, to say the least. I’m not sure what to expect.” She replied, trying hard not to crack her expression.

“Cassie, oh Cassie. Sorry for the inconvenience. I suppose I didn’t justify myself well because I had so much on my mind.” He responded by taking her hand in his and leading her to a spot on the couch next to him, where he gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. He could tell she was upset from the teary look in her eyes.

She couldn’t think of anything else to say but “OK.” She sensed her worries were unfounded, but she had no idea what was going on.

“You seem to be on the verge of crying.” As he stroked her hair, John said something to her.


“Well, I’m not sure…maybe. You frightened the living daylights out of me. I wondered if I had done anything incorrectly or…” She let out a sigh of relief.

“No, no, no. There was nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing. Sorry for the inconvenience.” He comforted his shivering mom.

“Then what’s going on?” says the narrator. After regaining her composure, she eventually asked.

“First, let me get you some wine and let you unwind.” John responded and walked out of the room, returning with a full bottle.

Her fears were allayed by her husband’s smile, and she felt at ease after taking some sips. She signaled to her husband that she was ready with a small nod.

“Okay. You may think I’m crazy but I’ve been thinking about something for a while. And, well it’s hard to explain. Actually, it’s not hard it will just seem odd I think.” John began to explain then stopped and took a sip from his glass before continuing. “Anyway. You know we are very privileged and it’s always bothered me a bit and lately it’s started to bother me even more. I mean I can be a complete dud, a complete failure, and we would still have all the money in the world. I want to do something on my own, I mean I want us to do something on our own. Prove ourselves and not just be another trust fund couple.”

Cassie didn’t respond immediately. She mulled his words and after analyzing them, spoke. “John, I understand your feelings and actually they are very admirable. What were you thinking about doing?”

“I’m thinking we should get away. Move to another state and just start from scratch. See what we can do on our own without the family money or name.” He said to her looking into her eyes to gauge the reaction.

“John, if it’s important to you then we should do it. I don’t care about the money.” She answered instantly, which pleased her husband immensely and he pulled her to him and hugged her.

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