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The Wash – Season 1 – Episode 2 [Completed]

2 Weeks Later

When Ajayi saw the outside bulbs at his house glowing, he beamed with joy. Finally his dad had called the electrician to change the burnt wire in their fuse. He entered the house to meet his parents in the sitting room, happily watching a soap-opera. He greeted them, they answered cheerfully.

“Daddy, I’m happy you called the electrician to repair the light o” Ajayi remarked “It would’ve been dull living in this house for one week without light before going back to school o”

“Yes my son” His father quipped “Something funny happened when the electrician was here”

“Baba what happened?”

“The electrician came and quickly checked the outside fuse and then began to trace the burnt wire. He climbed the sitting room manhole ceiling and came down after some minutes and said the fault was coming from the ring socket in your room that connected with the light bulb in your room as well. The electrician asked if there was a manhole in your ceiling, I said yes and he climbed your ceiling.”

Ajayi’s smile faltered. He began to pant, his heart beating faster than usual. He knew what was coming next. He looked at his mom. Her expression now vicious. His father continued

“I heard him shout Mogbe! and I asked him what the problem was. He said the wire burnt because something there disrupted it”

Ajayi’s legs were already shaking.

“So how did these” His father threw what he now held forcefully at Ajayi “got to the ceiling?”

It was four of Ajayi’s Porno DVD packs.

“I guess the NGO also gave those to you too” Ajayi’s mom sneered angrily.


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