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The Wash – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 2]




Ajayi knew he was sunk. He was really screwed this time. His greatest nightmare rested firmly on the palm of his mother. He knew his room was prone to invasions because it was always open and his door doesn’t boast of having a lock and he’d been careful all these years to hide anything incriminating from prying eyes, especially the eyes belonging to his mother but he’d never for one day thought this day would come.

“Answer me o Ajayi! What is this pack of condoms doing in your box?” His mom barked

“I…I..” He stammered

“You what? Eh? You what?” She howled. There was no way out of this. No escape route. This was the biggest jam he’d ever been in. If only she’d give me some time to think Ajayi thought bitterly.

“So you have suddenly become deaf ehn?” His mom fired. “So this is what your father and I sent you to university for shebi? All the many thasun we spent on you, this is what you use it for ba?” Ajayi knew he had to act fast or his father who was to come back from work in a few minutes, will skin him alive. He didn’t know how the words came, all he knew was that his mouth opened and rescue spoke

“It was distributed to us by an NGO that came to visit our school” If this worked, it’ll be greatest lie he ever told

“NGO…what is NGO?” She implored. Her voice dropped a bit from the shrill it had moments ago. She started to buy it.

“Mummy, NGO means Non-Governmental Organization. Just like those people that walk round the streets on saturday offering anti-polio treatment to babies” Ajayi claimed.


“Yes ma”

“So why did they supply condoms to you little children in school na? Do they want to spoil you people? And why did you accept?” She quipped. Ajayi knew his mother has been fully washed. He started dancing Shakiti Bobo in his mind.

“They said the university is filled with youths engaging in unprotected s£xual intercourse which leads to unwanted pregnancy which will in turn make students to have abortions or spreading the deadly HIV/AIDS disease.” His mom nodded for him to continue

“Our faculty officer mandated everyone of us to collect at least one pack. I didn’t want to take before o. But when I saw that those who took before me were writing their names on a list, I had to because they were to submit the list to the faculty officer after everything and I heard the man will deal with people that their names were not found on the list” Ajayi declared.

“Okay” she responded. “I know my Ajayi would never buy something like this. I’ll throw it away” and she left Ajayi and went outside. Ajayi quickly searched his ‘banks’ inside his room and removed all the condoms he kept. And he started celebrating. He just washed his mom! He quickly gulped a chilled Orijin he took from the fridge. He sanitized his room completely, however….

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