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The Visitor – Season 1 – Episode 7

What do you mean by my child is not here?” Ada asked as she jacked the school teacher of her child by the collar aggressively but didn’t mean to, her motherly instincts kicked in.

“Madam, I thought…” the school teacher said, trying to struggle out of Ada’s grasp

“You thought what? Just one job, one job you have to do…” Ada was saying when the headmistress of the school stepped into the scene with the security man trailing behind her

“What is going on here? Madam…”

“Don’t Madam me, don’t madam me, I will get all of you arrested if you don’t look for my baby”

“Madam please can you let go of Miss Janet and let’s talk about this” The headmistress said

“There is absolutely nothing to talk about. Trust me, this is me being very calm”

“Madam if you will just calm down, I’m sure a solution will come out”

“I’m not calming down, if I calm down you people will not take any action . I know how this country works”

“M… Madam… p… please “The shaking teacher who was still being jacked by her collar pleaded.

“Please ma, let us talk about whatever it is. Assaulting our staff will not do anything

. Please” The headmistress said and this time Ada listened, she let go of the teacher’s shirt and turned to face the headmistress

“Thank you ma. Now, please tell us what happened”

Ada who was already looking like she would explode but was trying to hold everything in said “I always pick my daughter everyday by 2 and if I’m late its usually 30 minutes late and my child is always waiting for me. As usual, I came today to pick my child and this bastard is telling me that she has already been picked. Picked by who? Picked by who? Have I ever sent anyone to pick my child before? Never. So who picked my child. You people better bring her out from where you kept her. Ritualist”

The headmistress turned to face the teacher who looked like she was ready to burst into tears “Janet. Is this true?”

The teacher could not talk The headmistress sighed “Tell me what happened? Where is this woman’s child?”

“M.. Ma, she is right, she always comes to pick her child but today a man came and he looked so responsible. He said that he was the father of the child and Chioma seemed to recognize him. He told me that the mother was caught up with work and asked him to pick Chioma and I let him”

“Janet. That was irresponsible of you. Has she ever sent anyone to pick her child before?”

“No ma” “So why would she do that now? What made you think that she would do that now? And even if she sent someone we have a list of all the parent’s numbers, you would have called her to confirm instead of handing the child over just like that. We are talking about a human being here” The teacher could not say anything. 
“All this one you people are saying is grammar. I just want my baby back” Ada said shouting as she paced back and forth

“And you will get her back. Before we call the police, can you reach out to anyone who would have picked her?”

“There’s no one. No one” Ada said putting her hands on her head and leaning against the wall with tears rolling down her face.

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