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The Visitor – Season 1 – Episode 12 [Completed]

Pastor, they are ready for you now” Pastor Tobi’s secretary said to him as she opened the door to leave his office

” I would be right there. Just give me some minutes” He said. She nodded and left the office

It had been one month since the incident happened and if Pastor Tobi could recall, Ada’s burial was going to take place later that week.

He smiled knowing that he had been the one that gave Ada all the information that she needed, it was just too bad that she was dead, he knew that she had a good heart, she was just clouded by anger and who wouldn’t be in her situation.

He was the head of the church now, afterall that had been his lifelong dream, he had always hated Pastor Joshua and wanted to bring him down, it was not easy digging up dirt of him and his wife but it was worth it and what better way to bring someone down than to look for someone that had been hurt by the person and was willing to do all the dirty work. Now, he was incharge of the church and he was determined to bring it back to life.

He grabbed his Bible and headed out to the where the congregation were sitted waiting for him

“Good morning church, Let us begin” He said with a smile.

Thank you so much for taking out time to read my short story . I hope you enjoyed it

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