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The Visitor – Season 1 – Episode 10

The whole church gasped and people started murmuring about the statement that Ada had made, sweat started dripping down Joshua’s face and Titi just stared down at her fingers refusing to look up.

Ada turned “People of God, your dearest Pastor here is a kidnapper and a murderer”

“What are you talking about? That’s a very big accusation against a man of God” Pastor Tobi said.

Ada scoffed “Man of God? If this is a man of God, then I don’t want to know God because the pain that your pastor has put me through…” Ada could not finish her sentence because tears gathered in her eyes and she was overwhelmed with hurt. “You people think your pastor is perfect, right? Then let me tell you a story . I was a devoted member just like all of you here, was I active? No I wasn’t and it’s probably why most of you cannot recognize me but I never missed a Sunday, Wednesday or Friday service because I was on fire for God. Oh, how I loved church, the hymns, the sermons, they were everything to me.

One day after a Friday service, I got a message saying that the pastor wanted to see me, I was wondering why the pastor would want to see me but I went ahead and that was when I has a personal encounter with Pastor Joshua. He said he had a word for me and indeed that word was relevant to my situation and he said that he wanted to keep in touch which he did.

As time went by, I started enjoying our dear Pastor’s company and he did too and that was when our affair started

. Anytime the pastor had to spend time with me, he did, leaving his wife starving.

Two months after our affair I found out that I was pregnant, I was confused I was scared. He was so quick to say I should ab*rt the baby after I told him. Your man of God” Ada said as she looked at Joshua. “I didn’t want to and I was shocked at his proposal but he said that me being pregnant would tarnish his image. I understood and asked for some money to leave and take care of my child. He gave me some money and told me to steer clear which I did. I wouldn’t blame him, after all I enjoyed the affair too. I moved to another city and I started my life afresh gave birth to my beautiful baby…” Ada paused trying to hold back her tears “… my beautiful Chioma, of course my job could not fully take care of my baby and sometimes I would give him a call just do that he would help out a little but he always told me to leave him alone.

One day I went to my daughter’s school to pick her and I was told that she was picked up by someone else, my daughter had been kidnapped. I was devastated just like any mother would be if they find out that their child was missing. I called Joshua to ask him and he told me no. I was wondering how someone would be so nonchalant about their own child. Days after days went and I was still looking for my baby until one day I got a call from my child’s teacher who told me that she saw someone that looked like the person that took my child away on a newspaper but she was not sure because the person was a pastor. She sent me the page that had this person and I saw that it was Joshua. It all made sense to me, the reason why my daughter left with him, the reason why he was able to take her away smoothly was because I had shown her pictures of her daddy and I’m sure she trusted him when she saw him. I know my baby is dead and I know that it is this bastard that killed her and I am just here to return back the favor” Ada said as she pointed the gun back at Joshua

The whole church was still murmuring as many were shocked

“Pastor Joshua, please tell us that this isn’t true” Pastor Tobi said “Tell us that this woman is lying”


Pastor Joshua was at a cross road. He didn’t know what to say. He knew that the people would believe him if he denied the the accusation but then again, they might believe her. He looked at Pastor Tobi who looked at him earnestly and Joshua knew that he was hoping that it was all a lie “I don’t know anything about this”Joshua said “Her lies are from the pit of hell”. His heart started beating fast as he waited for a reaction.

An elderly woman in the back stood up “I knew it!!! I knew that our pastor would never do such a thing and if anyone of you believed this woman then you have doubted God Himself. Pastor Joshua has been a blessing to us all and it would be foolish if we believe he can do something like this” She said looking round at everyone in the church before turning to face Ada “Go back to the devil where you came from. I am not scared of you because I’m old already, if you kill me I’ll just go to meet my lord ” Joshua sighed in relief. He was so excited that someone was standing up for him even though he knew it was all a lie. The congregation started murmuring amongst themselves and from the looks on their faces, Joshua knew that they believed him


Ada was surprised at how people were so ready to believe Joshua’s lies, she caught him smiling to himself and she started breathing heavily as she clenched her fists. The gullibility of these people infriuriated her but she didn’t care, blood she had come to take and blood she will take. She pointed the gun at Joshua.

“She’s not lieing ” A voice said and everyone turned to see where it was coming from. It was Tutu

“I am tired of keeping this a secret. It has been bugging me and right now I just want to let it out” Tutu said standing up from her seat and staring at Joshua with spite in her eyes.

“Tutu…” Joshua started saying.

“Don’t Tutu me” Tutu barked at him, she turned to face the congregation “We have both done you wrong, every one of you especially you” She said looking at Ada before looking down on the floor “And if you believe Joshua can do no wrong because he is your pastor then you are wrong. Joshua confessed to me about his affair as well as his child that he had with his mistress after I confronted him. He said that the mother to his child kept on calling and disturbing even though he had paid her off and he was scared that she would come out with the child and we both knew how that would affect his reputation. I was shocked but I also feared for his status as a pastor and that was when he came up with the idea. We hired a private investigator to take pictures and study the routine of Ada and her child and after a while, Joshua was able to take the child. From the moment he did that, I started feeling guilty, I am no mother yet but I imagined if it was my child how I would feel. I tried to talk to Joshua, I tried to tell him to return the child but his reputation was more important to him than any other thing and then… He did it…” Tutu paused as tears rolled down her cheeks “… He killed the child. I could never forgive him after that”

The whole church gasped.

Ada looked at Tutu and then back at Joshua “You mean to tell me that both of you planned it. Planned to take my child. I was never going to come out. Never. You took my only Joy from me” The gun was still pointed at Joshua

“Please. I know you are hurt but killing is not the answer. Please. We can get them both arrested instead” Pastor Tobi said

“They will get out. I know how these things work especially here, the pastors always get away. I have just 3 bullets here. Two were meant to be for Joshua but I guess I have to share it now, one for Joshua, one for our mummy and one for whoever I want”

“Please no one is perfect and God knows that…”

“I know no one is perfect I know there are still God fearing people but these two are not” Joshua could not say a word, he had resigned to his fate, he just looked down at the floor waiting for it.

Other church members tried to beg Ada and as they were begging…

There was a shot.

And another.

And another.

She was right.

There were 3 bullets in the gun.

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