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The Virgin widow – Season 1 – Episode 13

👉Astera’s P.O.V.👈

I wish the rest of my life will be like the past four months.

I barely remember Daniel, and why would I? When Stefan haunts my every waking moment and in a good way too.

The way he looks at me makes my body hot and my blood to sing. Most days we spent together and every night we spend alone. The nights are the longest.

I want to feel Stefan’s hands on me. I want be with him in passion and intimacy. I am twenty four years old and it’s past overdue too.

I wish to be intimate with him tonight, and that’s one of the reason I’m happy about today.

The town people stopped paying me attention a long time ago, moving on to newer gists and trending gossips. People return my greetings when I pass and even smile at me so nicely.

My life couldn’t be any better. Except everyday, I remember the look on Donovan’s face when he came to plead that he wants to talk to me.

As the anger and pain in my heart recedes, I start feeling pity for the man because he lost someone too. Someone very dear to him.

Daniel and Donovan practically lived and breathed each other. Even before Daniel dragged me to hell by marrying me.

I pulled myself out of thoughts and smiled widely as I made my way outside of my house to go shopping. It’s weekend.

I’ve gotten a job months ago as a secretary in a small business firm and the job suits me well. The owner of the firm is a kind sixty-something year old woman and the job has been good.

Stefan and I has a date again today, but it’s an indoor date and it’s my house this time around. I love indoor dates because I get to cook the best food for him.

There’s this clothes he’d admired in the body of a cloth-dommy the last time we drove past a cloth store.

If I was still married to Daniel, I wouldn’t dream of wearing such casual normal dress because he’ll mock my curves and make me feel ugly.

But not Stefan. Never Stefan.

“I’ll take that dress, please.” I said to the store clerk.

The woman beamed at me as she handed the wrapped dress over to me. “You’ll look good on it. Your boyfriend won’t be able to take his eyes off you.” The woman said.

My cheeks heated as I thanked the woman and paid her.

When I got home, I did everything I had to do around the house with smile on my face. I even turned on music at some point.

Although it’s not as loud as I used to like it but it’s better too. I’m determined to get my life back…everything that Daniel stole from me.

In the evening, my door bell rang and I rushed to open the door. I’ve already prepared everything and I’m all dressed up.

Stefan stared at me so blatantly. “You love ravishing in that dress. Jesus, Astera, have mercy will you?” He groaned as he entered the house.

I giggled like a girl as he drew me into his arms and took my lips in a kiss. My life can’t get any better, I thought.

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