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The Virgin widow – Season 1 – Episode 10


Stefan’s P.O.V.

“I believe you, Tera.” I said to her because it is the truth. The way she looked talking about her dead husband, its quite obvious that the memory is a very bad one for her.

I saw the relief that came to her face at my words and she took deep shuddering breaths.

She looked away from me to stare at the blank television screen. “Like I said, he had issues that made him lash out all the time. Every little thing is a huge situation for him.”

“What kind of issues did he have?” I asked quietly, still reeling from the fact that Daniel used to lay his hands on her.

The thought had my muscles bunching and I suddenly wished the man never died just so I can kill him again.

“At first, I thought he was impotent. He just came into my room on our wedding night and we kissed for a while but that was where it all ended. I was quite happy, you know. Because it hasn’t been months you broke up with me and I still don’t want another man’s touch.” She stated suddenly.

“But after our wedding night, the next four moths were like that. Daniel didn’t try to initiate sex with me and that was when I began to worry but I never asked him about it. I started suspecting that maybe he has a mistress. But why marry me when it’s obvious his mistress keeps him satisfied? That was the question that probbed my mind them.”

I didn’t interrupt her. Just allowing her to speak.

Astera’s P.O.V.

I’m trying not to allow the memories to drag me into it’s horrific depth and that is why I found myself taking interest in little little visual things.

I stared at my nails and suddenly realised that the nail of my pinky finger is crooked.

“Then, one particular morning, I was listening to loud music as usual while I help Maria my housekeeper to get work done. Daniel rushed to me and gave me a dirty slap.” I revealed.

I ignored Stefan’s intake of breath and continued, And that was how it all began. He cried and he apologized but he always beats me again…the next time worse than the last. From there, he started ridiculing me.” Just speaking it has goosebumps spreading all over my arms and I felt the memories dragging me in.

“One night he came to my room and ordered me to get naked. Finally, he wants to do intimacy. The beating and everything made me really scared of him even when I tried to look brave. I quickly discarded my clothes and following his instrument, I laid on the bed.”

“But, Daniel didn’t touch me or anything. Instead, he started taunting my body…mocking me. Big ugly breasts, wide unattractive hips, pale skin like death.” I shivered with the memories, “He ridiculed my body and laughed at me, making mockery of it.”

My eyes burned and tears filled my eyes. “He said I’m the reason he hasn’t taken me to bed…said he couldn’t get an erection because it’s me.”

“Motherfuckering sonofabitch.” Stefan cussed.

I didn’t hear him well because I was well buried under the memories.

“I tried to get up from bed but he beat me up within an inch of my life. It became a routine every night. He’ll taunt me, ridicule my body. I used to have self-confidence but not anymore.” I closed her eyes tight to block the images. “Everyday, I look at the mirror and I see every single thing Daniel did to me.”

Silence descended after that.

Stefan’s P.O.V.

I’m trying to get control of myself. I can’t believe everything Astera was saying to me but then again, a lot of thing was starting to become clear.

Especially how she had changed so drastically from being carefree to barely smiling.

I can’t believe a man would look at such beautiful exquisite creature with a gorgeous body like her and still taunt her about it so repeatedly that she’ll believe it to be truth.

Something crossed my mind.

“You said you used to think he was impotent….does that mean he’s not?” I asks clearly baffled. It’s just hard to believe that another man would have problem taking Astera to bed.

His Astera has always been a knockout. She still is.

She raised her hand to her hair as if unconsciously, then, her eyes found the window behind my back.

“The week before the day he died, I finally found out the whole truth.” She paused, “Daniel was gay.”

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