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The Virgin Story – Season 1 – Episode 5

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The Virgin Story

The Virgin Story

I was astonished at her response.
She looked at me laughing. She was winking and she
had a mischievous smile on her face. Then she said.
“You should have said you liked my a-s all this while
we’ve been friends. Do you like touching my a-s?”
For a while I was speechless. I was just looking at her,
feeling the instrument in between my legs rising like a
cobra whose tail had just been touched. I stammered,
then stuttered and didn’t know what to say.
Audience, you should understand my naivety here. i was
just 17 years old and inexperienced sexually except for
that brief episode with anty Tosin years ago, while she
was at least two years older than me, so I was very
shy. But I knew I was feeling sexually stimulated and
the seductive look in her eyes made matters worse.
Now I even noticed that she was putting on flimsy
clothing. she was wearing a spaggetti top on tight
shorts. when my hand touched her a-s, i noticed that
she was not wearing [email protected] and that made me more
sexually aroused and confused at the same time. I
didn’t know what to do.
Well, she eventually came to my rescue.
laughing, she moved closer, hugged me and gave me a
kiss in the neck. It was an e—-c kiss that sent a
shudder down my spine. then she whispered into my
‘Just touch me’
That was the last motivation i needed to spring into
action. my hand sprung instantly to those twin round,
butts. i started rubbing my hands on her big a-s. Men,
it was soft, it was crazy, i really felt it. She said i
should tap her, that she liked it. So I tapped her butts,
loudly but gently. I felt her bare skin through the shorts
and that increased the s£nsat!on. All the time i was
kneading her a-s, she was caressing my face and
kissing me softly on the neck which I liked.
She moved on to the next level immediately.
She removed her spag top remainning her bra. I wasted
no time in placing my hands on those twin oranges and
squeezing them through the bra. Unlike the butt, the
b—–s were not big but the n—–s were thick and
pointed. i stroke the n—–s through the lacy fabric on
the bra and she started making low, e—-c sounds.
Audience, you should know I hadn’t even started
watching p–n at that stage so didn’t really know what
to do with a woman in my hands but I was determined
to follow her lead all the way and not be too forward.
Yet I still doubted my ability to satisfy a woman.
I was really enjoying this,and i was sure she was
enjoying it too. I left one hand to keep stroking the
n—–s and my right hand strayed back to her a-s cos
that was her biggest asset.
I kept on tapping, caressing, and kneading and I was
sure she was enjoying it too because of the sound she
was making. I whispered into her ear that she should
remove her shorts. She said no, the right time will come
for that but that I can remove my jeans.
I quickly removed my jeans without leaving sight of her.
It was only boxers now and my tea-shirt. My J-man
was ramrod stiff. and I was a little shy that she was
seeing me like that. she saw it and laughed. Then she
moved forward slowly with her hand moving towards my
Suddenly her phone beeped.
Suddenly her phone beeped.
“sorry, let me pick that” she excused as I frowned in
She picked up her phone from the bed and started
talking to someone in a local language which I believed
was Edo. When she finished on the phone, I saw her
face and i new instantly that all the passion had faded.
“It’s my boyfriend from Aghor. He says he’s in town
now and he’s coming to see me.”
I was still trying to see the possibility of continuing our
“So, what do we do now?” I asked. There was a
pleading tone in my voice.
She looked somber and serious, as if she was also sad
that we should stop.
“Am sorry Ayo, we cannot continue. I think you better
go now. He is already in town. He knows this place and
he can arrive any moment from now. he is also very
My J-man began a slow descent until it became limp
like an orange sq££zed of all its juice. I wore my jeans
slowly, making the anger in my eyes look quite obvious.
I was hoping she would apologise and fix another
She wanted to see me off, I said she shouldn’t and she
left me alone.
As I went back to school it occurred to me that the girl
might be playing me, actually preying on my lack of
sexual intelligence to play e—-c games with me. Hell, I
had a right to be angry.
She never told me she had a boyfriend in the first place.
But then I knew the answer to that. There was no need
for her to tell me about her relationship back home since
we are students in school and what was at home is
better left at home. all the same I still felt hurt. In the
next few days she called me several times, apparently
to apologise and explain things but didn’t pick her calls.
I thought i was using reverse psychology, that by
ignoring her, I would show I have value and would make
her want me more. Well, it didn’t work cos she stopped
calling me after a few days and since then we ceased to
be close again. we still greeted ourselves but the
friendship was not deep like before and I regretted that I
flunked at what could have been my first s-x experience
due to my inexperience.

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