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The Virgin Story – Season 1 – Episode 4

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The Virgin Story

The Virgin Story

Immediately after my secondary school I was enrolled in
a federal polytechnic. From the onset I decided that I
would abstain from all acts of sexual intercourse. But I
underestimated my environment and I was to meet
more than my match on several occasions. It was in the
polytechnic that I first became aware of how sexual I
really am. Let me share some of my adventures in the
polytechnic with you.
In my first year, second semester, there was this Edo
girl in my class called Kate. She was fair in complexion,
with portable sized body, well endowed both in from and
behind. But I believed her best asset was her a-s. She
had it in abundance, not just in abundance but in the
right shape. She wasn’t exactly beautiful but she was
sexy in a way because of her nice butts. After doing a
few practical together, she decided I was intelligent
enough and stayed in my group. She stuck to me and
we started going to class together, we read together
and did our assignments together. We were good
friends. I had no girlfriend, she had no boyfriend but our
relationship was strictly platonic, at least initially. So we
had enough time to see ourselves without any jealous
spouse pestering at the other end. She lived in a room
in a building close to the campus while I lived in the
hostel. She liked to hang around me, especially in the
class. I didn’t mind because I enjoyed her company. She
really was a nice girl, she was funny and witty and she
could make me laugh when I was solemn. We started
visiting each other’s rooms. She had this nasty habit of
slapping my butts jokingly whenever I made a joke
about her, that’s when we are in private. It felt weird
cos I couldn’t slap her butt back because it would seem
like I am not being polite to her or am abusing her as a
lady. One day, we were in her room, playing as usual. I
made a joke and she smacked me and tried to run for it.
Somehow I drew her back and smacked her in her big,
round butt. The smack was not so hard but it resonated
in my hand as I felt the arse bounce in my arms. At that
moment I can’t deny that I didn’t have any sexual
feeling because of the contact. She turned around
instantly. I look at her, scanning her face for signs of
anger, waiting to hear the rebuke of my life.
Her reaction was astonishing!

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