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The Virgin Story – Season 1 – Episode 3

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The Virgin Story

The Virgin Story

[email protected], I walked slowly towards her.
“touch my unmentionables’ she commanded. I did as I
was told. She bent down a little bit and let my young
hands roam over those succulent oranges, interminably
brushing over those dark tubes. Then she removed my
clothes, slowly one after the other until I was naked. I
felt somehow embarrassed at seeing my kini exposed in
front of a girl like that. I covered it shyly. She promptly
smiled at the sight of my tiny instrument.
“Lie on the bed”
Again, I did as I was told. I got on the bed and lay
down on my back. She touched my kini with her right
hand and started stroking. I felt s£nsat!ons that no
word could describe. She rubbed the head and then the
s£nsat!ons increased. My J-man became very stiff. She
removed her [email protected] and climbed on the bed with me. I
saw the k—y. It looked like a red-hot valley of molten
lava, nestled between two dark, swollen peaks. There
was also pubic hair, a lot of it. She asked me to touch
her k—y. I obliged. It felt soft and slippery, I started
rubbing it. I rubbed on the c–t. It felt like a moist,
swollen rose bud in my hand. All the time I was having
pleasant s£nsat!ons and she was given low, soft m0ans
and commanding me to touch here and there or stick
my finger here and there. I coulsn’t really understand
the meaning of what was happening. All I knew was
that I was enjoying it as she was also stroking my kin
continuously. Suddenly, I heard a deep, serious, elderly
feminine voice.
“Ki le n se nibi?” meaning what are you doing here.
I raised my head and looked up. I saw the landlady,
Tosin’s aunt standing at the door, looking at us with
blazing anger in her eyes—–
I went out and entered our apartment quietly. Mom was
in the kitchen. I was so solemn that everybody was
wondering what had happened to me. Well, they soon
knew what happened when the landlady came to see my
mother an hour later. I stayed in the bedroom with my
sister while they talked in the sitting room.
When she left, my mother called into her room and gave
me a long lecture on s-x, its purpose and
consequences. In the evening, we heard loud wails from
the landlady’s apartment. I knew it was Tosin, she was
being flogged.
The realization that someone was being punished for
what we both enjoyed made me feel somehow guilty.
The following day was a Saturday. My parents took me
to church to see a counselor. I was counseled about s-x
and its evils. I was told that s-x is a sin, besides that, I
could get someone pregnant or contact an incurable
disease called AIDS. I started avoiding s-x since that
Throughout my secondary school, I never even kissed a
girl. I was strictly for my books, I didn’t care about s-x
at all, it was the last thing on my mind. I had a few
female friends but they were mostly reading partners or
people I related with on a platonic level. No girlfriend.
When we got to the S.S it became quite common for us
to discuss the sexual escapades of some of our sexually
adventurous colleagues. They would even boast of their
prowess. In my final year, I caught out health prefect
with an S.S 2 girl at the back of the dining hall,
engaging in sinful pleasure. The girl was giving him a
b—–b while the guy was groaning pleasurably. He
begged that I should not report them and I should join if
I wanted to. But I did not join them; I also didn’t expose
them to the school authorities cos my sec school was a
mission school with strict discipline and they would
suspend any student caught in sexual act.

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