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The Virgin Story – Season 1 – Episode 13

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The Virgin Story

The Virgin Story

After riding me pleasurably for several minutes, she
released my kini from her k—y for a while before
resuming. Then I remembered that Rachel was
supposed to be a virgin. That k—y was too smooth
and too wide to be Rachel’s in reality. A sinking feeling
overwhelmed me and I longed to see her face.
“kiss me” I m0aned to her.
Hesitantly, she moved to my face and kissed me. Then I
saw her eyes. What I saw filled me with horror because
it was not my Rachel it was someone else.
“OMG!” I screamed.
It was Rachel’s mother. The mischievous look of
pleasure in her eyes sparked up a mixture of horror and
anger in me. I sprang up from the bed instantly and
woke up from the dream.
I looked around me at the dark room, how come I was
having s-x with Rachel’s mother in my dreams? I
quickly switched on the light. I felt my kini; it was
ramrod stiff. Then I heard footsteps approaching the
room. I had an inkling of danger immediately. It seemed
there was something metaphysically wrong, as if
something fetish was going on. I fixed my gaze on the
door; fear of the unknown gripped my heart. I saw the
door open and Bimpe stood there, looking at me like a
predator surveying her prey. She had a blanket wrapped
around her. She removed the blanket and threw it on
the floor, leaving only her [email protected] and bra on. OMG I
don die today oh! After dreaming of having s-x with
Rachel’s mother, her sister walks in with the wicked
intention of raping me.
[]I sat up on the bed immediately, with my back against
the wall. I was scared, confused and h—y at the same
time. My mind kept telling me to flee the danger
instantly but my body longed to stay there and
experience whatever was going to happen. Then Bimpe
quickly bent down and picked her wrapper. The look on
her face changed from s£[email protected] to serious. My eyes
cleared immediately and I realized she did not come
with the intention of having s-x with me, she wanted to
talk to me and her wrapper had fallen by mistake. I
heaved a sigh of relief but felt disappointed underneath.
“Good morning, am sorry to disturb your sleep. I just
need someone to talk to.” she said
I nodded “No problem” But I wondered what was so
serious that she would walk into a man’s room at that
time of the night. She walked in and sat beside me on
the bed. Then she told me something that surprised me.
She said Rachel was not really a virgin as she claims,
that she actually sleeps around and in fact she is a
nympho but she is just keeping me as a future guy that
she can marry. I didn’t believe Bimpe, I accused her
that she is just been jealous. She said she she is
jealous but that she is telling the truth. She said every
Sunday she used to come home when their parents
were not around with one guy from her school called
Johnson. I became alarmed and asked her to describe
the guy.
The description fit perfectly with my friend Johnson, my
roommate. An anger rose in me as I thought about it.
So the b—–d had been banging my girlfriend while
acting like a good friend. But I still didn’t believe Bimpe
fully. There was only one way to find out; ask from
Johnson and Rachel.
[]The following morning, Rachel hadn’t woken up before
I sneaked out of the house. I went straight to
Johnson’s house in Ikeja and asked him about it. He
denied it initially but eventually confessed that they
started strafing when she came to tell him that I was
too slow in banging her that I was dulling her moves. I
was so angry that I it him. We had a fight that day that
gave me a bloodied nose. Rachel called later in the
evening and started crying, trying to apologize. I cut the
phone and deleted her phone no. I felt so angry, and
betrayed. My Rachel whom I had thought was the
purest, most innocent girl in the world was actually a
biatch stabbing me in the back. Throughout the week I
was miserable. I had to leave Lagos and travel down to
my family house in a South-west city
One New Year’s Day I made a resolution that I would
not trust any girl anymore. I would not even have a
girlfriend. It’s all over, there is no reason searching for
love, trying to stay innocent. What came to my mind
was to f—ck the next girl I la!d my hands on. I would
seek pleasure anywhere I found it and nobody would
stop me. But first I had to get rid of this silly virginity.
The following evening I hit the streets. I located the
most popular brothel in town. Today I was going to lose
my innocence.

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