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The Virgin Story – Season 1 – Episode 11

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The Virgin Story

The Virgin Story

She was wearing blue [email protected] I first rubbed my finger on
the c–t through the [email protected] Then I removed the [email protected]
and rubbed on the c–t with my fingers. The k—y was
damp; she was already wet. I dipped my left index
finger in the k—y. I fi—ngered her while she writhed on
the bed in pleasure. I started placing light kisses on her
labials; she shuddered at each kiss. I felt her hands on
my head, caressing my hair. Then she pulled my head
down to her womanliness, urging me to treat her k—y
with my mouth. I took a look at that k—y for a
moment, wondering how it would taste like since I had
never tasted k—y before. The labials were pulsating;
the c–t was quivering, looking delicious. I plunged my
head into that mass of fresh, succulent, wet flesh. I
stuck out my tongue and tasted her wetness. The taste
was incredible; indescribable. It was sweet, salty, sour
and sticky, all at once. There was something about the
taste of that k—y that reminded me of eating pringles.
The complex taste did not nauseate me; it made me
more h—y than ever. I licked the k—y as if my life
depended on it. Men, the babe k—y sweet no be small.
The way she was screaming, m0an!ng my name even
turned me on more and I continued to give her pleasure.
I teased her c–t with my tongue while I poked her V-
jay with my fingers.
Then I stuck my tongue inside the v-jay while rubbing
on the c–t with my finger. From time to time I would
remove my mouth from her k—y and kissed her fresh
inner thighs while fi—ngering her. I don’t know how
many times she came cos I was just going on and on
for several minutes; I felt somehow reluctant to leave
that sweet k—y. All the time she was just screaming
my name saying I was killing her. I took a look at her
face; there were tears in her eyes. Then she said in soft
voice, barely above a whisper, “You are crazy”
She stood up from the bed and asked me to lie down.
“Now it’s my turn” she said.
I quickly obeyed her and before I knew it my boxers
were off and I felt my ramrod stiff instrument plunging
into her mouth. An intense, sweet s£nsat!on
accompanied the entry of my c—ock. I felt her mouth
wrapping around my d—ck and giving me a good fluting.
She kept stroking the c—ck with her tongue as she
turned it into a lollipop, licking and sU-Cking
continuously. At first she was gentle, but the sU-Cking
soon gathered momentum as she started getting
pleasure from it. I was in cloud 7, somewhere in
paradise as I soaked in the pleasure of the BJ. After
some minutes, I felt that tickling s£nsat!on that
signaled I would soon release. I quickly removed my c—
ck from her mouth. She quickly lay down on the bed and
spread her legs, opening up her Jerusalem for my J-
man to ride in triumphantly.
I licked the interior of my mouth as I prepared to enter
her and bleep her missionary style. Then I realized the
was something wrong.
There was no condom. I remember I used to carry a
condom around for nearly 6 months in case an
opportunity to bleep came up.
Unfortunately it was today of all days that I decided not
to bring it along. I never knew I would end up having s-
x that day. What a bleep up!.
The girl was looking at me wondering what was wrong.
I shook my head slowly.
“There is no condom.”
“Sh-t” she swore. It was the first time I had seen her
swear and there was a look of frustration on her face.
She was already rubbing her v-jay, seriously aroused.
She said we should go ahead that she doesn’t mind and
it would even be sweeter. I asked her what if she got
pregnant. She said she doesn’t care that she would
take care of that. All she wanted now was my J-man in
her Jerusalem. I said I couldn’t do it, that there were
just too many risks involved. She started begging me,
holding on to my c—ck.
I was perplexed. I really wanted to do this and I was
already extra-aroused, but I had a great deal of control
over my body and I considered things before doing
them. I begged her that I would be back later with a
pack of condoms and we can even have s-x all night
long. The babe no wan leave me oh! She started crying.
I managed to leave her with a kiss and said she should
wait for me in the evening. She said she would be
waiting for me.
As I left her room that afternoon, it occurred to me that
I might have lost another opportunity to lose my
virginity and I swore to myself in frustration.
My fears were confirmed. By the time I returned in the
evening, she was gone. I called her and she said her
parents came to pick her up late in the afternoon and
she had already travelled. She said she really enjoyed
what we had together.
Her boyfriend had never even given her half of the
pleasure I had given her. She said she hoped one day,
we would hook up and finish what we started.
Well, I soon moved on with my life. I defended my ND
project and graduated from the polytechnic. I was 19
years old and still a virgin and the prospects of getting
disvirgined soon was looking dim. Then my parents
compounded matters by sending me to a private
University with the strictest, harshest set of rules. The
university is owned by a popular Pentecostal church
near Lagos (I believe some coolvallers will be able to
The moment I saw the school handbook, I knew I was in
for a tough time. S-x in any form is prohibited and the
penalty is one session suspension. Kissing and
smooching is prohibited with one semester suspension.
Blue films are abomination in the school and they get
people expelled for being in possession. Students are
mandated to dress in a particular way, guys and girls
have interactive time with each other that must not be
violated, even secular music is prohibited. Students are
not allowed to go out without permission. Not even
mobile phones are allowed, students communicate with
the help of the internet. The rules go on and on and the
more conversant you are with these rules, the safer you
are so that you don’t fall victim.
Yet the school has in attendance, children from some of
the most influential families in the country; Na so so
Ajebutter pikins full that school oh! I braced myself for
four years of hell.
In my first year, I followed the rules strictly.
When I remembered how much my parents were paying
to keep me there I tried to avoid anything that would
terminate my studies.
I avoided all the girls and kept strictly to my studies.
But it was not easy; there were just too many fine girls.
You should understand how I suffered, seeing pretty,
sexy girls with invitation of s-x written plainly on their
faces, tantalizing you with their smiles and yet you
can’s dare touch them. It’s like looking at honey in a
tightly sealed, unbreakable glass. You can’t taste it.
You can only stare at it. The girls were willing to have
s-x but the boys ran away from them because of the
danger. That was the situation in my first year. I was a
fresher and I had a fresher’s view of the school.
In my second year, I started having a clearer view of the
school. I grew smarter. I realized the rules were only
symbolical in many cases. If you know the rules well
and know your way around, then you can always bend
the rule to your favour. You can arrange with your babe,
get a hotel in town and go on a whole weekend of s-x
You can settle the gatemen and get out to attend
parties. You can even sneak out during the night vigils
and go clubbing in Lagos all night and come back by
next morning. You can watch as much X-rated movies
as you can. The only rule is ‘don’t get caught’ and I
started mastering this rule. Money was not a problem.
Most of the students had six figure bank accounts; they
can spend on anything they want.
In my second year, I met J-man, whose real name is
Johnson. He was my roommate and he was a real bad
boy in the ways of the k—y.
He introduced me to all the ways of circumventing the
law. Johnson was a master f—ker. He has had s-x in
every dark corner in the school. Most of the girls knew
him for his reputation but he was so good and so
smooth that he continued to ravage their kitties. I
started leaving out time for some adventure though I
still remain my good, innocent self. Then I met Rachel.

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