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The Village Teacher – Season 1 – Episode 9

“hmmm! I don’t even recommend a village girl for you to marry. You are too expensive for a village girl.” I was flattered with Kate’s remark. I had expected her to add something like “….at least a girl like me is ok for you.” But she never did. That would have been a good starter for me. I thought of reporting the matter to the District Education Office. I didn’t want to pass a second night with Abiba-something could happen. I was scared of falling into the shoes of Ken. I then suggested to Kate about the decision I took. She seconded the idea but told me she would miss me, in case I was transferred from the community.

“Herh! You would miss me”, I thought. I quickly told her she could visit me in the district capital. “But I cannot be seeing you all the time” Kate replied. “This lady is gradually endorsing me. But I must still report the case to get myself released from the community.” I thought. Without wasting time, I took my books and left for the house to embark on my journey to the district capital. I went and told the chief that I needed to send some documents to the District Education Office. The chief told me there was no lorry travelling to the district capital that day, because that day was not a market day.

“So what do I do? Because I must present the documents before tomorrow”, I told the chief. He suggested he would get somebody to pick me with a motorbike to a nearby community where I could get a lorry. Two hours later, I was at the District Education Office. I presented my complaint and every officer in the office was astonished. “You mean we still have such a primitive attitude in this 21st century?” one officer asked rhetorically.

The officers asked me to go back to the community while they worked things out. I told them I wasn’t ready to go back to the community because I would be made to sleep with the chief’s daughter. I added that I had already slept with her the day before. “What! Is that how serious the matter is?” one female officer remarked. The director asked me not to go to the community until they investigated the matter. I was very happy with the decision. The only worry I had was that I was going to miss Kate.

Two days later, an officer went to the community and came back with his findings, which confirmed my allegations, true. The officer said he tried convincing the chief to change his attitude of giving his daughters of school going age out for marriage, but his plea wasn’t taken by the chief. The Director felt bad about the development and decided I would not go back to the community. He ordered the Deputy Director to repost me. I felt like I won a lottery, upon hearing that I was to be reposted.

At about 5pm that day, I went to the Deputy Director’s house to pre-appreciate the reposting he was to give me. My pre-appreciation made him to repost me to a school in the district capital. I was so happy. My only worry then was on how to get my items from the community, and how to get the chance of seeing Kate again. I thought of not going back to the community to pick my items, because the chief would suspect I was leaving forever. ‘Kate’ was the only reason that could send me back to the community.

“I must link up with Kate to visit me in the district capital”, I thought. The following day, I enroute back to the village and I was warmly welcomed with a hug from Kate like a girlfriend who had missed her boyfriend for ten years. It was then I realized Kate was also emotionally attached to me. She told me about how an officer came to the school and later went to the chief’s palace to investigate my case. I told her about how I was reposted to a school in the district capital. Kate was so happy for me but told me she was gonna be missing me badly. I also told her I was back to see her and wouldn’t mind to have her visit me in the district capital. She agreed to my request and promised to visit me over the weekend.

I was so happy that I didn’t bother going back to the chief’s palace to pick my items. I quickly joined a vehicle back to my town with the hope of seeing Kate during the weekend. I went and gave my room a new look. My room was then made dust-free. The only beverage one could get in my table-top fridge was sachets of water. But because I was expecting a special guest, I managed to stock my fridge with a pack of Don Simon drink and two apples. I had locked my fridge because of my hungry niggers who could come and drink the drink before the arrival of the intended drinker.

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