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The Village Teacher – Season 1 – Episode 7

I gathered courage and went and took my bath, after all, I wasn’t guilty. Abiba also took her bath and got dressed up in her mother’s room. After we took our breakfast, we followed each other like we did the previous day, to school. On reaching the campus, the number of pupils wasn’t encouraging. Neither Kate nor Ken was present as at that time we got to the school.

My wife gave my books to me and joined her colleagues to sweep the compound. I was left alone under our staff common tree like an isolated witch. From a distance, I could see Abiba and her friends exhibiting a ‘hide and look’ on me. I wondered whether they were discussing me as a new teacher or a new husband. Their ‘hide and look’ attitude made me uncomfortable. I pretended my mind wasn’t on them, but I was actually bothered.

As I was seated alone wondering what my pupils were discussing while looking at me, I heard an adult female voice at the other side of the school block, “hey! Sweep fast and go for assembly”. My mood suddenly changed from wondering to celebrating, I saw Kate in a white dress, walk towards me. Her dress had triggered my mind to remember the dream I had the night before.

“Is this a coincidence or my dream wants to come to a reality?” I thought.

“Good morning” Kate greeted.

“Good morning, Miss Kate” I responded, with the mind that Kate would give a reaction to the title I gave her. She never did.

“How was your night?” Kate added. “Ooh! I had a good night” was my response. She didn’t know I had a good night with her in my dreams. I took advantage of the greeting and continued with a chat with Kate. We talked a lot about life in general and later limited ourselves to life in the village.

I got the chance and enquired about Abiba’s lifestyle. Kate told me Abiba was a lucky girl, because she would have been the one pregnant for Ken. “Like seriously!” I exclaimed. “yeah!”, Kate responded. She added,

“When Ken came to this village, the chief said that ken needed a wife. So he decided to give Abiba out to Ken for marriage, but by then, Abiba was seriously sick. He then said that a man like Ken must not live even for a week without a woman, so he decided to replace Abiba with her younger sister, Rahi, who is now carrying Ken’s baby. Ken has regretted for impregnating Rahi”.

I was shocked by the news I got from Kate that morning. Kate didn’t stop there, she added,

“I am quite sure the chief would say you also deserve a wife. He may even give Abiba to you. He cannot see a nice-looking man like you and wouldn’t take you as an in-law, now that you are even in his house. Hmmm! I am just assuming oooo”. I quickly retorted,

“Aaah! How can I marry my student? That is only possible over my dead body”. I said all that but in my mind I was like, “I even slept with Abiba last night in my room over my living body”. Kate told me Rahi was a student before her father gave her out to Ken, so the idea of Abiba being a student couldn’t prevent the chief from giving her to me.

“At least, it is a great honour to have the chief as an in-law, isn’t it?” Kate teased me. I thanked Kate for feeding me with such information. Kate had advised me to act fast to avoid falling into Ken’s shoes. She also said that if only I had a wife, that could possibly prevent the chief from imposing his daughter on me for marriage.

“Do you have a wife?” Kate asked. “No”, I answered.

“Then I advise you to find one before you are forced to marry Abiba.” Kate added.

“Where do I find one? I cannot go back to my town to search for an emergency wife. I don’t also want to marry any village girl.” I remarked, with the hope that Kate would suggest herself for me. Kate also remarked,

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