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The Village Teacher – Season 1 – Episode 5

The meal was indeed a ‘honeymoon’ meal- I enjoyed it. My wife picked the bowls out and came back in 30 minutes with a mat. “kooooiiii, is it really true that this girl is now married to me? I thought it was a partial joke or partial seriousness. The Pope must hear this”, things were knocking things in my brain.

She went out again and I heard her talk with her mom. I stood up and tuned my ear to their conversation and it was that she needed a pillow. I heard her footsteps sounding back to my room, so I quickly jumped onto my mattress like a cat pouncing on a mouse. She knocked again and came in. she called my name and requested to lock my door. I asked her whether she wasn’t going to move out again and her response was, “yes”. In fact, her response gave me a feeling similar to getting a referral in Teaching Practice.

I then said to her with a feverish voice “ok, you can go ahead and lock it”. “kprap!” The door was locked.

Abiba spread her mat parallel to my mattress. Her behavior was as if she was given a letter by GES, informing her that I would be posted to that community to marry her. “See me, see wahala!” I thought. The worst part of it all was that she tried to leave no gap between my mattress and her mat. Meanwhile a mattress and a mat are not the same. The only similarity is the “mat”. There is a difference of “tress” in them.

I hate temptation, especially when the temptation comes close to my ‘magnetic field’. I built a room around my mattress with the mosquito net. At least that would help reduce the degree of temptation. I entered my ‘mosquito net’ room whiled my wife was left outside the net. What a wicked husband I was! I had wondered what Abiba would be thinking about me.

While in the net, I peeped to see whether she was sleeping or not. Each time I looked and our eye balls met, she sighed, “hmmmm”. This happened severally until a time I looked and saw ‘light out’ on her face. “Thank God, I think I can sleep now”, I said to myself.

The next action I saw was carrying Kate on a motorcycle. We were cruising on the principal streets of a city. She was well dressed in white dresses. Her beauty was magnified with the symmetrical arrangement of her teeth. We soon got to a birthday party of one of her friends. Kate and I were given a separate table with variety of drinks and food.

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