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The Village Teacher – Season 1 – Episode 2

By 7:30pm, I hardly heard any voices around. It meant everybody had already entered their room. I lay on my mattress all alone thinking of how my new school was going to look like. I made a lot of imaginations about the school, the teachers and the pupils. My imaginations gradually turned into a night sleep.

Just about two hours into my sleep, some new friends tapped me and reminded me that I was supposed to sleep under a mosquito net. Guess who those friends were. I quickly responded to the reminder and removed my mosquito net from my bag, but I couldn’t have nailed and hanged it that night, so I covered myself with it like a cloth.

At dawn, the following day, I regretted ever covering myself with a treated mosquito net. I had burning sensation all over my face. I took my bath and made Abiba to lead me to my new school, since she was a student of that school.

On our arrival at the school, I saw a young lady seated under a tree, whom I presumed was a teacher of the school. In my mind, I was like, “thank God I have gotten an enlightened person to live with”. I took my books from Abiba and asked her to enter her classroom. I was left alone with the young lady. I introduced myself to her and asked her to always call me Galaxy.

She smiled and told me she likes my name. I smiled back and in my mind I said,

“why don’t you say you like me instead of my name”.

This statement was a simple one I could have said to her hearing, but because of my cowardice nature, I had always said such emotional statements in my mind. She introduced herself as Kate. I said,

“woow, what a sweet name!”, meanwhile ‘Kate’ is not among the names I admire a lot, but just because I wanted her to feel that I appreciated something about her, I had to give that impression about her name.

I was just having a nice introductory chat with Kate when I saw a young gentleman walk towards us. I presumed he wasn’t also a native of the community according to his looks. I said to myself,

“I just hope this young gentleman has not been having nice times with my newly found Kate

I quickly questioned Kate to find out who the guy was, before he arrived. Kate told me he was one of the only two teachers they had in the school. She added that the guy was an SHS graduate who was picked by GES to serve as a “pupil teacher”. I became happy inwardly for knowing that the guy was a ‘nobody’ when it comes to professionalism. At least Kate could tell the difference between fried rice and wasawasa. In this situation, I was the fried rice.

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